flo (Food Lovers Only) : A Western Halal-Certified Cafe in the West


The most exciting cafe spots are nestled in the hippie areas of downtown Singapore. There is hardly any exciting cafe scene happening here in the neighbourhoods. But I guess things have changed and I am starting to see cafes popping up at neighbourhood shopping malls. It may not have that avant-garde outlook but it’s definitely a great place to gather your friends and do some great catching up with food and coffee. Time to throw confetti!

And to my Muslim friends, you’d be glad to know that there are more dining options which cater halal-certified food. flo (Food Lovers Only) is one such cafe where you can gather your Muslims friends or colleagues to chill and sip coffee. It is located all the way in the west, at IMM shopping mall. There are several factory outlet stores which you might want to check out after dining there as well.

flo, established in 2016 by Manuka Group, serves quality Western-Fusion Cuisine, including All-Day-Breakfast, Salad, Soup, Appetizer, Main, Sandwich, Pasta. Lo and behold, guess who is the founder of this cafe?  The founder of the cafe is Candyce Toh who was one of the Top 4 Female finalists on Channel U’s Project Superstar. She is currently working as a freelance artiste and host for various outdoor events.

In their kitchen, you may catch a glimpse of their bubbly 19-year-old Korean Chef, Kim Jin Myeong, who whips up the delicacies offered at the cafe. She also plays a part in revamping in the menu offered at flo.


Before I talk about the food, here’s my overall review of the cafe in short:

The perks of this cafe:

(1) No GST and service charge (Yay!)

(2) A kid-friendly cafe which has board games and crayons to keep your kids engaged.

(3) They have a kids’ set menu at just $8!

(4) There isn’t much of a crowd here which means you can enjoy some peace and chill.

(5) The cafe is about 15 minutes away from Jurong East MRT through the linkway to IMM. This makes it convenient meeting point.

Of all the dishes I’ve tried, I would recommend the corn soup which is served with garlic bread. The corn soup has bits of corn in it which tasted really good. Another stellar dish would have to be their Tom Yum Pawn Pasta which is flavourful and appetising. It’s a good attempt to add an Asian twist to western dishes. Their signature dish, flo Rosti, which comes with shredded chicken, salad, chips and eggs, is pretty good as well.  If you prefer something lighter, you could try their Tomato Mozzarella Salad which is refreshing to the taste buds. And if you’re a meat-lover, their Korean Beef Bulgogi sandwich might satisfy your cravings for me. As for the drinks, I would still stick to Matcha Green Tea latte which is comparable to Starbucks Matcha latte, if not better.

The other dishes which we’ve tasted were okay but the one dish that left me confused in their D’Orange pasta which is a strange combination of orange sauce with angel hair pasta. It would have tasted better if the orange sauce is made more savoury or tangy to pair with the pasta.

For desserts, you might want to try out their ondeh-ondeh cake. I’ve tried their Speculoos cheesecake with cinnamon which is not too bad but their oneh-oneh cake is their speciality. It’s a sponge cake which is light and fluffy but it is a little tad too sweet for me.

My only wish for this cafe is to perhaps lower the price slightly to make it more affordable for students especially. I would definitely frequent the cafe again if their prices there were more affordable. That would make them stand out from the other cafes and restaurants in that vicinity.

You can now scroll down to check out all the food photos which are for your viewing pleasure!


Matcha Green Tea Latte


Tomato Bruschetta ($7)



Soup of the Day – Corn Soup ($8)


Tomato Mozzarella Salad ($12)


flo’s Rosti Special ($15)


Korean Beef Bulgogi Sandwich ($15)


Korean-Inspired Marinated Chicken (with Korean-Style Fried Anchovies & Kimchi Fried Brown Rice) ($16)


Tom Yam Prawn Pasta ($15)


d’Orange Pasta ($14)


Flank Steak ($18)



Speculoos Cheesecake with Cinnamon


Bountiful Choco Brownie ($14.50)

The halal café has a capacity of 36, is open daily from 11 am to 10 pm and does not include service charge or GST. flo is also available for rent for private events, and delivers for free in the west area for orders $150 and above (order one day in advance). 

FLO – Food Lovers Only

2 Jurong East Street 21

#02-15A IMM

Singapore 609601


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