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If you enjoy buffet-hopping, you should definitely add J65 into your list for must-go buffets. J65,  the all-day-dining restaurant at Hotel Jen Tanglin has recently introduced five weekly themed buffet spread to keep you spoilt for choice and yet craving for more from now till May 2017. While other hotel buffets cater to the similar buffet spreads within a month, J65 take it up to a notch by changing their buffet themes within the week. It caters to BBQ lovers, seafood lovers and Asian food lovers!

With 5 buffet themes to choose from within a week, it is quite difficult to make a decision! So here’s a short guide below with some recommendations to help you narrow down your choices. Hopefully, you will be able to find your perfect buffet match!

Here’s the schedule of their 5 Themed Weekly-Dinner Buffets:

International Buffet

Days: Sunday to Monday

FOR The ‘ANYTHING’ crowd: 

Suitable for those who have no particular preferences in food as long as it tastes great. 


Look forward to a generous selection of roasted prime beef ribs, pork knuckles and Virginia honey lemon ham, baked whole Norwegian Salmon and barbequed pork ribs. Enjoy Asian dishes like braised herbal duck, roasted chicken, Kam Heong prawns, Kung Pao Squid and a lot more.

“Colours of Asia” Buffet

Days: Tuesdays

FOR the ‘ASIAN-LOVER’ crowd:

The older generations, like my parents, tend to prefer Asian food as their taste buds are more acquainted to unique Asian spices and flavours. Bring your folks along!


Featuring specialities from various Asian countries from home favourites to Malaysian, Indian, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Indonesian, Thailand and much more! There will be an extended buffet at the al fresco (outdoor) stations of “Teh-Tarik”, the live whirling and twirling of “Roti Canai” to indoor live-kitchen churning out Tandoors to Laksa and soup. On the main, look out for the Indonesian Oxtail rendang, Thai steamed fish and much more.

Lobster Rock-n-Roll Buffet

Days: Wednesdays

FOR the ‘atas’ SEAFOOD lover who wants to make their money worth! Their lobsters are exceptionally fresh and good!


It will be a night dancing with Boston Lobsters, Mountain Lobsters to Slipper Lobsters. Spot lobsters everywhere and anywhere on the buffet from the ice bar for the natural flavour to the baked, curried, stir-fried, grilled, paella and from soups to salads to mains.

‘Live Barbeque’ Night

Days: Thursdays

For the BBQ-loving crowd who likes to barbeque their own food! This time round, you can just sit back, relax and allow the chefs at J65 to grill you some of their tantalising meat or seafood!


There will be an alfresco station – the barbeque pit where you can pick your favourite meats or seafood. Don’t miss the famous Korean Bulgogi of pork belly and beef ribs! For the mains.  you will find a variety of hot dishes from Champagne pork ribs to Prawn Masala to Black Pepper Crab and other delicacies. I went for the ‘live barbeque’ night last Thursday and their buffet spread is pretty extensive! Read on for my review and pictures below!

Seafood Mania Buffet

Days: Fridays and Saturdays

For the SEAFOOD fanatics who enjoys crabs, lobsters and other crustaceans living in the sea!

Highlights: Look forward to a huge selection of seafood from Alaskan Crab, Mud Crab, Boston Lobster, fresh prawns, mussels and clams including a solo station of fresh oysters from Australia. At the hot stations, you will be to find more seafood in their Asian and western dishes.


I decided to try out their ‘Live Barbeque’ night as I thought it would be interesting to catch the chefs grilling fresh meat and seafood live in action! It was quite a spread as they even had Satays, Korean bulgogi and seafood as well. There are also various sauces to go with the BBQ meat.

But the highlight for me was the probably the huge selection of dishes; comparable to any 5-star hotel buffets in town. Their food standard has also gone up ever since I came here about a year ago. The dish that keeps me salivating would have to be their black pepper lobsters which tasted to fresh and delicious. The meat is sweet and the black pepper sauce was so appetising. I would think that their Lobster Rock-and-Roll buffet would be pretty legit.

Their dessert table is also worthy of mentioning as they offer unique localised and western desserts. You can enjoy a selection of ‘kuehs’, cakes, Durian Pengat, puddings, ice creams and other pastries. My favourite would have to be their Durian Pengat. I might have gone overdose with Durian Pengat that evening.

Now, go ahead and feast’ on the photos below.





















All buffets are accompanied with a wide selection of salads and a tempting array of desserts both local and international.

The above themed are priced competitively at SGD55++ per person from Sundays to Tuesdays and SGD65++ from Wednesdays to Saturdays.

Enjoy a special introductory discount when you book online via

For direct bookings please call 6831 4374.


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