Burger & Lobster @ SkyAvenue, Genting Highlands : Lobster-ly Good!


Genting Highlands will never be the same again going through a revamp with the new SkyAvenue which features some swanky restaurants, cafes and eateries. It will be a new food paradise for the foodies.

During the weekend, we checked out UK-chain Burger & Lobster which has made their debut in Asia at Resort World Genting. This restaurant was started by four schoolmates in Moscow who wanted to set up a restaurant specialising in just a couple of ingredients. It turns out that there were really good with these two dishes – burgers and lobsters. That’s right – they only serve burgers and lobsters at their restaurants. It’s so ‘lobster-ly’ good that my boyfriend couldn’t stop raving about the time he had a meal at one of their outlets in London.

He’s right. That meal was the highlight of our trip to Genting.


Burger & Lobster specialises in premium fresh lobsters (weighing 650 to 700 g each!) from Nova Scotia, Canada which are delivered on a weekly basis to this restaurant here at Resorts World Genting. It’s quite a handful to be transporting so many lobsters from Canada all the way to this hilltop in Malaysia. I guess that’s what makes it so special for these diners to travel all the way to Resorts World Genting just to enjoy a meal of lobsters and also a view of sea creatives swimming in the aquariums as shown below.


I instantly fell in love with the vibe of this restaurant. Do you know that the walls of the restaurant were decorated with 104 traditional lobster crates? These are similar to the ones used in Nova Scotia.


The kitchen is sort of an attraction in the restaurant too. My first impression of the kitchen is how spick and span it looks! The cooks all worked in an orderly manner as they assemble the food and serve them on metal plates.


The burgers at Burger & Lobster are made with 100% Australian beef with no fillers. These were probably taken from cows which were raised on pastures and crops. At least, you are enjoying meat in its most natural form.

And all these burger patties were assembled on custom baked sesame brioche buns with beef bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles and their secret sauce.

As for lobsters, they are either steamed or grilled with clarified butter or the restaurant’s own lemon and garlic butter. They are served with fries and salad. But for the chilli lobster, it is served with 4 slices of toast.



Before you begin to feast on the burgers and lobsters, you might want to put on some gloves if you don’t want to get your fingers dirty. But if you prefer to eat it with your bare hands, you can always wash your hands at the sink located next to the kitchen. These people are very thoughtful indeed!


Oh, wait! Put on an apron too as the juice from the juicy lobster might get splattered on your clothes.


Let’s start with the beverages served at Burger & Lobsters. I thought they would just serve wine, beer and the usual beverages. But no – they have their signature beverage called Time Keeper which is a blend of black tea, calamansi lime, kafir lime leaf and palm sugar. Very tropical and Asian indeed! It’s a very refreshing drink served in a takeaway plastic bag (similar to how Kopitiam in Singapore would pack takeaway drinks) which goes well with the seafood, especially the Chilli lobster.


Now here comes the juiciest bit of this post – the burgers and the lobsters.


Sam ordered the B&L burger, the legendary burger which incorporates both the lobster meat and 168 g of beef. This is a must-try because the burger is superb and has this truffle taste in it. You request for the beef to be half-done or well-done.


One burger is enough to fill you up.


Next up, we have their popular lobster rolls which were highly recommended across several food blogs. The rolls are made available in three different styles – The Chilli, The Original (with Japanese mayonnaise) and Seven Samurai (with seven spices sauce). Of course, I had to go with the original one with Japanese mayonnaise. You will never go wrong with Japanese Mayo.

It’s such a hearty and delightful roll because the lobster meat was so fresh and the toast was soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The texture and everything else just falls perfectly together for this lobster too. It is also much easier to enjoy this lobster dish as you don’t have to pry the shell open just to get the lobster meat out. I believe this dish must have been really popular with the ladies. It’s like the most exquisite sandwich prepared in the most luxurious way.


For those who have an acquainted Asian taste buds, you might want to order their Chili lobster which is only available in their Genting outlet’s menu. It’s pretty spicy and tasted very similar to Chilli crab if you know what I mean. The portion is huge as it comes in this huge pot of lobster with spicy chilli sauce and four slices of toasts.


But if you prefer to enjoy lobster in its purest form, you can try their Original lobster. Having a larger appetite for lobsters? Fret not. You can ask for the BIG BOY. It might weigh heavier than your handbags.


There’s a bar area for you to grab some alcoholic drinks as you groove to the funky background music and enjoy some finger-licking good lobsters or burgers.


Just before we left, these guys actually released a huge lobster and it ran wild.

Okay, kidding. The claws were tied together so we were safe from getting bitten.


Be prepared to queue during lunch and dinner hours as it is very popular!


Genting Highlands is about 45 minutes drive away from Kuala Lumpur. You could also take a bus to Awana SkyWay and take a cable car ride from Awana to SkyAvenue.

I’ve created a vlog which documents my trip to Genting Highlands. Watch it right here!



Burger & Lobster

Level 1, SkyAvenue

69000 Genting Highlands

Tel : +60 3 61059186

Email: info@burgerandlobster-my.com

Operating hours:

11 am to 10 pm (weekday)

11 am to 11.30pm (weekends)

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