SkinnyMint: My Honest Review of This Teatox Journey

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Ever since I’ve posted a post of my SkinnyMint experience on Instagram, a handful of you have been messaging me to enquire about the effectiveness of this product. There are probably countless reviews of this SkinnyMint tea and how it helps to debloat and flatten the tummy within 28 days. I first saw it on Instagram and wanted to give it a try because I had bloating problems and irregular bowel movements. So I wanted to find a natural remedy to help improve my situation. Photos don’t lie but many of you are perhaps left wondering if all of these benefits were the result of drinking just tea in 28 days.

Truth be told, I’m about to reveal what I think of this tea and the effectiveness of it. Coming from someone who has been dieting for the past several years and battling with bloating issues, here’s my take on SkinnyMint.


Let’s just examine the product features itself and why it’s been dubbed as the ‘flat belly’ tea.

1) 2-Step Natural Teatox Programme 


SkinnyMint only offers two products – Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. You could either get the 28-Day Ultimate teatox or 14-Day Starter teatox which consist of the same products but differs in quantity.

You could either buy the tea packs separately or as a set. Each packet of tea consists of 28 tea bags. The Morning Boost tea pack costs $37.90 while the Night Cleanse tea pack costs $31.90. In my opinion, it is rather costly as it costs way more than regular tea packs sold in the supermarkets. But at least the quality of the tea leaves they used is superb. The tea blend tasted great as it was smooth and it doesn’t have any acrid taste. Both teas are flavoured with natural fruit flavourings to enhance the taste of it.

2) How does it work? 


You drink Morning Boost early every morning and Night Cleanse on every alternate day across 28 days. That is why you are given only 14 Night Cleanse tea bags as you are only supposed to drink it once every two days. During these 28 days, you could practise some SkinnyMint tips which could help you achieve your desired results more effectively. They even provide you with a guide which you could keep track of your goals and progress.

2) All Natural Ingredients


If it isn’t all natural, I wouldn’t have exactly tried it. Knowing that it contains only natural ingredients and plant-based, I know it’s safe to consume and it’s worth the try even if it doesn’t work. Drinking tea, after all, has amazing benefits for the body. Whether this tea helps to flatten my belly or not, it doesn’t really matter as I am treating as a form of a herbal supplement, not weight loss pill. Having that frame of mind is important because you shouldn’t be expecting this tea formula to work like a miracle weight loss tea.

Ingredients found in Morning Boost:

Green tea leaf, Mate leaf, Nettle leaf, Dandelion leaf, Guarana seed, Natural Orange flavouring

Ingredients found in Night Cleanse:

Senna leaf, Ginger root, Orange leaf, Lemongrass leaf, Peppermint leaf, Liquorice root, Hawthorn berry and Psyllium seed, Natural lemon flavouring

3) It’s Super Convenient


Unlike juice detox or any other kinds of detox programmes, this teatox programme is the easiest to follow through. I’ve tried several detox programmes before and I find this teatox to suit busy lifestyles the best. It complements with any form of diet or lifestyle habits as it doesn’t require you to abstain from any particular type of foods. You could still eat as per normal and experience the teatox effect which I am going to expound on it.

4) Morning Boost Tea is the Energizer Bunny

On my first day of the SkinnyMint teatox programme, I felt great and energised after drinking the morning boost tea. This tea really makes a difference because usually, I am both physically and mentally tired in the morning. But with this tea, it increases my mental clarity and I felt slightly more energised throughout the day. I also had more energy to complete my regular workouts at home or in the gym. To me, it’s a good alternative to caffeinated drinks like coffee and I really grew to like this tea.

It is not difficult to understand why the Morning Boost tea perks my energy level up. It contains green tea leaf, mate leaf and Guarana seed which all contain caffeine and thus could act as stimulants to boost mood and energy levels. Did I mention that this tea is also great for your hair and skin? Interestingly, the nettle leaf present in the Morning Boost tea is also great for treating acne and promoting hair growth.

5) Why Teatox Makes Your Tummy Flat


Both Nettle leaf and Dandelion leaf in the Morning Boost Tea causes a diuretic effect which causes you to visit the toilet more frequently. Most of the time our bellies look fat and huge because of fluid retention. Water retention causes our stomachs to look extremely bloated. So increasing fluid excretion through urination or sweat would help to reduce the bloatedness in your tummy and hence making your stomach flatter. Make sense?

As for the Night Cleanse, you got to be prepared for a slight discomfort in the stomach in the morning if you drink it on the night before. At least for the first week, you might experience that stomach-churning sensation which might be slightly uncomfortable. This is due to the laxative effect of the Senna leaf and Psyllium seed which also increase bowel movements. These effects are desirable for my body as I have irregular bowel movements which cause my tummy to bloat very often. And I felt even lighter after every visit to the toilet. Does it make my tummy flatter? I am not going to lie but YES!

I’ve drunk such laxative teas before but this tea formula was much gentler and it doesn’t cause you to have serious diarrhoea so to speak. The previous laxative tea I drank caused me to have watery stools and I had to make frequent visits to the toilet within a day. Horrible. Thank goodness, the laxative effect of this tea is mild but yet effective in promoting that teatox effect.

Personal Thoughts

As you can see, the tea itself could be backed up by scientific truths to the tea leaves which they are using. It’s not magic. They just happen to get the right blend and formula of the tea leaves to promote an effective body detox which happens to make everyone feeling lighter, skinnier and happier as a result of drinking this tea. This teatox also helped me to kick start a healthier lifestyle as I was more conscious of my eating habits. I am also trying to push myself to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise to my daily routine. This includes jogging in a nearby park or walking from places to places instead of taking public transport (since Singapore is small after all!)

Would I recommend SkinnyMint? If you find it a hassle to buy a variety of tea leaves to create this exact tea blend, then purchase ready-made tea bags which are sold conveniently online at Easy peasy.

There’s no harm trying. It’s like having a mint. At most, you will just get smoother skin and lusher hair that’s all.


Free delivery worldwide. (Awesome)

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