Sudio Regent Review: Music 24/7 – For the Minimalist


Sudio has always been redefining itself ever since they first launch the first earphone collection, Klang. Ever since they have moved on to Bluetooth earphones and now they have just released their first Bluetooth headphone. As always, they like keeping things looking chic, modern and sleek. Sudio Regent is no different – it is a fashionable accessory for those who enjoys having music played back while they were on the go.


Sudio Regent allows some degree of customization as you are able to select the design of the headphones caps to accessorise and personalise your headphones. Like most ladies, I adore the white marble patterns. These white marble caps also complement so well with the free Sudio phone case that has a white marble design with gold detailing.

Sudio Regent was shipped across seas, from Sweden to Singapore and when it arrived, I just couldn’t wait to unravel the beautiful Sudio gift box with a red bow.


Sudio Regent comes with the following:

– Sudio Regent with interchangeable caps

– Audio Cable

– Charging Cable

– Owner’s Manual

– Guarantee Card

– Quick Start Guide

Product specifications

Housing: Composite

Finish: Matte and polished

Model: On-ear, Bluetooth version 4.1

Weight: 177 grams

Range: 10 meters

Battery time: 24+ hours (active), 20 days (standby)

Charging time: 10 minutes (quick), 120 minutes (full)

You will get a free limited edition Sudio Phone case (iPhone/Samsung) with every purchase for a limited period of time only.  It’s a beautiful white marble design that looks really elegant.

I ordered Sudio Regent (white) and white marble caps to accessorise my headphones. The original Sudio Regent has a plain white cap with slight gold details. But it looked even more stylish with the white marble caps.

To simply change the headphone caps, twist the white cap out with your two hands. Apply a slight downward pressure while doing this. I encounter some difficulty in removing the caps initially but I got the hang of it once I knew how the mechanism works.


To slot in the cap, fit the caps in and twist it in the direction of the arrow as shown on the headphone.


Taadaah! The white marble cap really gives more character to the white headphone.


What stood out in Sudio Regent for me is the gold detailing that adds a touch of glamour to the headphone itself. The gold-plated metal also adds sturdiness to the headphone and it allows the headphone to be adjusted easily. And the foldable hinges allows the headphone to be more compact.


Unlike the Sudio earphones which come with a casing, the headphone set does not come with a pouch or a storage case.


As of everything that is white, it gets marred easily over time. So be prepared for this if you are getting the white earphones where the stains and marks would look more obvious against the white soft velvety leather of the ear pads.


There are 3 buttons remote and mic along with two cable outlets. One is for the audio cable and the other is a wire to charge the headphone.



The beauty of Sudio Regent lies in the fact that you are able to go wireless and not be held restrained by wires. It’s a Bluetooth headphone that allows you to enjoy great quality music even when you are far away from the connected source. However, if you are separated from your music source (e.g laptop/iPad/mobile phone) by walls, the range of detection will be shortened. And the music will sound a little fuzzy through the headphones.

As for the Bluetooth pairing, it took me less than 15 seconds to pair the headphones with my mobile phone. The instructions on the manual were simple and clear. All you need is to turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone first then press and hold the centre button on the headphone to turn on the Bluetooth function. I like the fact that it’s fuss-free without all the wires and you get to walk around the vicinity with the headphones on. It’s literally having the music turned on 24/7 without any physical limitations. In addition, the soft earpads were comfy so

The sound quality was not too bad but it’s still pale in comparison to their own premium earphones collection, in particular, Sudio VASA, which has a 10.2 mm driver that has been tuned to deliver extremely clear tunes with a natural bass. It was one of the best earphones from Sudio which I find it comparable to other high-end earphone brands. But I’m remaining hopeful as Sudio is a brand that never stops to innovate.


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