The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® : More Than Just Coffees and Teas


The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is no longer just a stop-over for coffee and cakes ever since they started offering decent mains and all-day breakfast sets. Right now, there are even more delectable dishes to look forward in their new gourmet menu with the launch of their new Mexican chocolate drinks.


The most exciting highlight for me is their new Mexican Chocolate beverages which wouldn’t disappoint any chocoholics. The new Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended® drink and Mexican Chocolate Latte marries the rich flavour of chocolate and the flavours of cinnamon spice. The ice blend drink has a dark chocolate taste which would definitely get your endorphin levels up. As for the chocolate latte, it was a perfect combination of chocolate and coffee with just the right amount of caffeine in it. Unfortunately, these two new Mexican Chocolate beverages are only available for a limited period from 2 March 2017 to 24 May 2017. Try them before they are gone!


Mexican Chocolate Ice Blended® Drink

Small: $7   Regular: $8        Large: $9

Mexican Chocolate Latte

Small: $7   Regular: $7.70   Large: $8.20


As for their gourmet menu, it’s quite a spread as well. We tried their Creamy Seafood Fusilli ($14.90) which was recommended by their staff. It was an appetising dish made with mustard cream

sauce, juicy prawns, scallops and scrumptious parmesan cheese. It’s a rich-flavoured pasta so thankfully the portion was just about right because you wouldn’t want to overindulge yourself with rich and creamy food. The pasta was served piping hot so it is quite appetising. It isn’t exceptional but the flavours are well-balanced.


Moving on, we had their Mediterranean Sandwich ($13.90) which features Vienna bread, tomatoes, feta cheese spinach, eggs topped with hollandaise sauce, turkey ham and a side of mushrooms. It’s a spruced-up version of the usual Eggs Benedicts and it’s one of those dishes which we wouldn’t mind ordering again if we are dining at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. It was a better dish out of those we have tried. If only they have replaced the mushrooms with some leafy greens, it would have been more well-balanced as the greens help to balance out the rich hollandaise sauce.


Lastly, we had their Avocado Tuna Melt ($13.90) which is made with Vienna buns, tuna and avocado mix, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and Emmenthal cheese. It is served with roasted potatoes topped with bacon bits which I thought it was a good combination. Initially, we were wondering where the avocado slices are because we can’t taste any avocado in it. The strong tuna taste might have overpowered the avocado and thus making it taste more like a tuna melt. This dish didn’t really go too well with us as the cheese was not melted properly. It would have tasted so much better if it was served hot and the bread was toasted til it has a slight crisp on the outside.


To end off our meal, we had their red velvet pie and Pandan Gula Melaka cake as our desserts. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, they still remain what they are good at – coffee, tea and cakes.

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