Income Eco Run 2017 : A Zerowaste Runner


This run was previously known as NTUC Income Run 350 and this year they changed it to Income Eco Run which I thought it was great since their run support green initiatives like recycling and reducing waste. And this year they are encouraging runners to go zero waste.

It was a great initiative on their part to promote sustainability among Singaporeans through this event but I felt that they could have done more in educating the masses on what exactly going zero waste is.  Reducing waste by giving runners the options to carry a handheld water bottle instead of a medal is just a start. They also gave out woven-recycle shopping bags as race packs which I thought it was great. It not only looked quite chic but the material the bag is made up of is very sturdy. They included some product samples from brands like Neutrogena, Aveeno and Listerine. It would have been apter for them to work with social enterprises or brands that practice sustainability. But nonetheless, it’s a good start to a greener future.

I do appreciate the fact that they partner with Grab Singapore to provide runners with a $7 discount code for all GrabHitch rides to promote carpool. It made it so much more convenient for runners to get to the event site as well at such wee hours in the morning.


Our 10KM run started at 6.30am but we only joined in for the second wave as Sam forgot to bring his bib. They charged us $10 for an extra bib which we decided to pay for it anyway as we were all prepared and psyched up for the run.

Overall, the run was an enjoyable one as the event ran smoothly. I did not sign up as a Zero waste runner as I wanted to keep the medal but I carried my own water bottle as I ran along. It was a little inconvenient as I was holding my purse in one hand and a bottle of water, in the other hand. At least, I didn’t have to toss away paper cups. On that note, it would have been better if they got recyclable or biodegradable paper cups. Next time, I might just hold an empty cup in one hand and then refill up my cup at the hydration points.


Overall, the route was not too difficult and I do enjoy the view of our city landscape as I jogged through the cleared path. Many don’t see the novelty of such fun runs in the city. But if you haven’t taken part in a marathon or such runs, you should do it at least once in a lifetime because it felt different to be running along uninterrupted routes with so many people racing towards the finishing line. It speaks about teamwork and perseverance. That precious moment when you receive your medal at the finishing line is just priceless.


I do hope that the next Eco-run would be held at another event site with a different running route where the runners can get closer to nature. The Marina Bay Route is a popular spot for many running events and I think I’ve done several runs along the exact same route!


Till then, I am hoping that there are more of such eco-friendly runs where many would take part and champion a meaningful cause!

Keep on running!

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