The Glass House Wedding in Bali

Welcome Board
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The wedding bells ain’t ringing so quickly for me yet but it is always fun to just dream and talk about it. What would the wedding be like? Should I have a garden-themed wedding?

It’s getting more popular these days to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience an exquisite one. This is one fairytale story that couples would love to make it so special and memorable that they would be able to look back and reminisce the beautiful moments. It’s a celebration of love and a new stage of life for the couple so why not make it the biggest party of your life?
While some prefer large wedding banquets in hotels, others prefer an intimate setting with the guests. And if you love garden-theme or forest-theme weddings, why no consider having the wedding on a beautiful island called Bali?

To me, Bali is a magical place. I love the sun, rice fields, food, people and the frangipanis. Bali would have been my ultimate wedding destination and I believe, for many, it is the same as well. And if you are considering Bali as a wedding destination, you might want to check out Tirtha Weddings which is a Singapore-based destination wedding specialist. They organise weddings in Bali, Japan, and Singapore graced with a touch of Japanese service, hospitality, and professionalism.

Dining under Canopy b
Credit: Tirtha Weddings
Tirtha Weddings has also just unveiled a new addition to its portfolio of spectacular wedding venues – The Glass House by Tirtha. Situated in Uluwatu, Bali, the Glass House is a perfect addition to the beautiful wedding resort, Tirta Uluwatu. Yes, a wedding resort!
Welcome Drink
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

The creative forces behind the design of the Glass House are renowned architects Alessandro Landi of Landi Design and Fredo Taffin (Ku De Ta Bali, The Istana Bali). The glass house comprises the main guesthouse with an annexe and lawn and floor-to-ceiling glass windows. There’s also a whimsical garden soiree bathed in the warm glow of the twinkling fairy lights. What’s really attractive is the luxuriant foliage that surrounds the compound and it makes a truly arresting backdrop for photos.

A Dinner Table Set Up a
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

It would be such a treat for my guests. Although the limelight is the newly-wed couple, the wedding guests are also important because they are probably the ones who is part of the love story as well. For me, I would want my guests to be merry and to enjoy themselves as much as possible. It is akin to saying ‘thank you’ to them for being part of your life and helping there to support you.

A Dinner Table Set Up b
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

All the photos below are some of my favourites. Each photo speaks of my dream wedding. That’s exactly how I envisioned it to be – lush greenery, healthy and nourishing food and beautiful spaces for guests to mingle around.

Bamboo Garden
Credit: Tirtha Weddings
Buffet with Green Wall backdrop
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

Every detail is taken care of – from the food to the buffet table decor.

Buffet Setup 1
Credit: Tirtha Weddings
Juice Bar
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

I would try to make it as eco-friendly as possible using recycled glass jars as cups or biodegradable straws like the bamboo straws.

Fruit Platter
Credit: Tirtha Weddings
Ceremony at Garden b
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

Exchange your vows right in the midst of this enchanted garden.

Ring Case
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

I’ve hinted my boyfriend to get me a wedding ring made from a sustainable material. It would fit perfectly in this wedding ring box! That’s so creative!

Mix Berry Charlotte
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

Celebrate and dance through the evening as the hues of dark blue start to appear in the sky.

The Ceremony at Moon Light Garden
Credit: Tirtha Weddings
Moon Light Garden with Standard Lighting
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

The night is still young.

Table with Orchids c
Credit: Tirtha Weddings
Appetizers from Buffet a
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

As evening falls, your guests can retreat into the guestrooms while you and your life partner can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Decorative Lanterns and Fairy Lights
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

The bespoke villa is stunning too and you just wish you could live there forever. Accommodation for the wedding couple includes breakfast prepared and served by a private chef. A butler is included too.

Master Bedroom
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

Start the first day as a newly-wed couple in this paradise we lovingly call Bali.

Open Dining with Luminious Bar.a
Credit: Tirtha Weddings

For more information, visit Tirtha Weddings.

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