Why You Should Support Fair-trade Products

Have you wondered what does ’FAIRTRADE’ on product labels mean?

I’ve always wanted to write an article dedicated to Fairtrade products and now I guess this is a great opportunity for me to really share in-depth on what fair trade exactly is.

When I asked my partner and close friends on what fair trade is, they would give the most uncertain responses. Traded fairly? Companies traded with companies who practises fair business policies?

Well… quite close. But they would have never guessed about the unethical side of trading and businesses in developing countries in general.

Fair trade is a social movement that empowers farmers in developing countries to achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. It simply means paying these farmers fair wages for their resources and amount of hard work they put in. Not many know about this but there are unethical corporations who pay these farmers poorly just to lower production costs and reap more profits for themselves. Very often, these farmers and workers don’t get a fair share of the trade benefits. This is also the reason why farmers and workers in developing countries continue to get trapped in the poverty cycle. Thus, Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their everyday shopping. There’s power in consumerism. Trust me. For the longest time, we have not been told the truth about how each product is made and where each ingredient is sourced. As a consumer, we were often blindly supporting companies that don’t even care for our health, safety or the environment and aren’t transparent about their use of ingredients.

Below is a great video to explain what this fair trade system is all about.

Credit: wfto-europe.org

When a product carries the FAIRTRADE Mark, it means the producers and traders have met Fairtrade Standards. The Fairtrade Standards are designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships, unstable markets and the injustices of conventional trade. Farmers working at fair trade farms enjoy the freedom of association, safe working conditions and fair wages. Forced child and slave labour are also strictly prohibited at Fairtrade farms.

Credit: http://wfto.com 

On May 13, Dr. Bronner’s, family-owned maker of the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America, in partnership with its global network of distributors, will celebrate World Fair Trade Day, and Nature’s Glory Singapore is part of this meaningful event.

Dr. Bronner’s supports fairtrade and all of their products are organic and fair trade. They not only care for the environment but also for their own workers. Watch this video below to find out how Dr. Bronner’s support farmer organisations.

“Buying fair trade products can make a difference to producers in developing countries. To them, getting a guaranteed fair price for their goods could mean being able to send their children to school, or putting them on the path out of poverty. Fair trade reduces poverty, encourages environmentally-friendly production methods, and safeguards humane working conditions,” says Peter Lim, President and CEO of Nature’s Glory Singapore.

Fair trade is a movement that empowers farmers to organise and earn a livelihood within the highly competitive global marketplace. “Look for the fair trade label on products when you shop next time. We can all make a real difference with fair trade as it brings social justice and environmental sustainability,” says Christopher Lim, Director of Research and Marketing for Nature’s Glory.

In Singapore, Dr. Bronner’s will have featured promotions throughout the month of May at participating retailers, including Nature’s Glory, in-store and through their e-shop; selected NTUC Finest outlets; major Watson’s outlets; and selected health and wellness stores.


You can support this meaningful even by purchase the World Fair Trade Day package for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones. The package contains an 8oz liquid soap, a 5oz bar soap, a hand sanitizer, a 14oz whole kernel coconut oil at a special price of $39.90 (U.P. $49.90).

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