‘Butter’ Than Anything Else


Your breakfast toast could be made a little more exciting when you realised that life isn’t just about peanut butter and jam. Wild Butter Co. has taken peanut butter to the next level by experimenting with different ingredients like Matcha, Earl Grey and Cookies to create gourmet nut butter for us living here in Singapore. Besides, it’s a homegrown brand and there’s more reason to render our support for this budding nut butter brand.

I’ve always wondered how it would taste like – matcha with peanuts? Wouldn’t the strong roasted flavours of peanuts and Matcha be too overpowering for our taste buds? The Matcha Peanut butter which I’ve tried turned out to be what I envisioned a  good NMatcha milk spread on toast would taste like. They had cleverly included white chocolate and blend it together with high-quality Matcha from Kyoto. You can actually tell the grade of Matcha by its colour and brilliance. Better grades of Matcha has a vibrant green colour.

The sweetness and creaminess of the white chocolate blended so well with the Matcha and the peanuts added are just enough to bring out the aroma of the Matcha and helps to thicken the butter to form this smooth and creamy paste. Hands down for this Matcha peanut butter which knocked my socks off.


I’ve also tried the Earl Grey Peanut butter out of curiosity. How would peanut butter taste like when I mixed in Earl Grey tea leaves? It’s quite an interesting blend though I wish that unique Earl Grey scent was a little stronger to give that satisfying kick in the butter. Like the Matcha peanut butter, it was so smooth and creamy. I love the runny texture which made it so much easier to spread it on bread and biscuits.


Other than peanut butter, they also offer flavoured almond butter like Almond Maple Cinnamon butter which is a lovely combination of ingredients. I could totally use this to make the filling for apple pies or tarts. The texture of the almond butter is thicker and sweeter. I go easy on this one.


My favourite way of enjoying these nut butter is to coat my salted pretzels with some of these creamy goodness. It’s where the sweetness of the butter and the saltiness of the crunchy pretzels balanced out each other. It was great as a teatime snack.


A healthier alternative is to use it as a dipping for fruits like strawberries or bananas.


I devoured all these peanut butter-coated strawberries like never before. Like I said, this is ‘but-ter’ than anything other butter.

These jars of butter are made fresh without the use of any added artificial flavourings or preservatives and could last up to 2 months upon opening when left at room temperature. Keeping these butter refrigerated can extend its shelf-life up to 4 months.

Each jar of nut butter starts from SGD 11.95. And you can order online via their website


Your ‘But-ter’ friend,

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