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Bunny Bakery takes vegan bakes to a whole new level with their artisan vegan bakes which are made with no dairy, refined sugar, artificial colouring or preservatives. Their healthy vegan bakes are all handmade using quality ingredients. Most important of all, there are delicious – even without eggs or milk in it!

I guess that’s the beauty about vegan treats where healthier alternatives are used in place of the traditional baking ingredients. And brownies without eggs or milk actually tasted the same or even better than those regular brownies made with eggs!

I got to try some of the Bunny Bakery’s mouth-watering vegan treats like their chocolate chip cookies, flourless matcha fudgey brownies, spelt carrot bundt cake and flourless fudgey brownies. These rustic bakes are not overly sweet and they come in the right portions. One heart-shaped fudgey brownie is able to satisfy my sweet cravings after a meal. And my favourite? It has got to be their spelt carrot bundt cake which is so dense and moist. It’s one of the better vegan carrot cakes which I’ve tasted. Some carrot takes turns out too dry but Bunny Bakery’s version is moist and soft. You even get to see some real carrot shreds in it. That’s REAL goodness.

Another delicious rustic bakes of theirs is their fudgey brownies. It’s really very fudgey, dense and rich but it’s not too sweet at all. I even got my mum to try it and she likes the Matcha Fudgey brownies alot because the Matcha flavour is fragrant and the natural bitterness of the Matcha balances out nicely with the sweetness found in the brownie itself. It has a similar texture to the chocolate brownie.

The chocolate chip cookie was interesting too. It has a soft and ‘doughy’ texture. The chocolate chips embedded in the cookie gives it a nice sweet kick to the cookie. I just wish that the cookie was bigger!

These would definitely make good healthy dessert treats for your guests during parties, events or weddings.


Spelt Carrot Bundt Cake


Flourless Fudgey Brownies


Chocolate Chip Cookies


Flourless Matcha Fudgey Brownies


Want to try some of these 100% cruelty-free bakes? Check out Bunny Bakery’s Facebook Page or website for more information.

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