DBS Marina Regatta : 8 Things You can Do at Singapore’s Largest BayFest Party


It was my first time attending DBS Marina Regatta and I always think that it’s an annual event for the dragon boaters where it’s a great opportunity for them to exercise teamwork and rough it out under the sun. It would be quite a sight as well when all the dragon boats race forward, fighting for the first place in line. DBS Marina Regatta is one of those unique events happening in Singapore that also encompasses that cultural element which excites tourists as well. I mean, there are not many countries that hold dragon boat competitions against its city skyline right? For any foreigners, it is quite a spectacular sight (even for a local like myself)!

But I guess this year, the event added a whole new dimension of fun with its Singapore’s only pop-up urban beach and Battle Bay – nine challenging water obstacles spanning over 11, 000 square feet! Yes, even non-dragon boaters can have some fun too. There is also a ‘coconut’ bar by Potato Head Beach Club that serves their signature uber fresh cocktails and beers. Who says urban life is boring? If we don’t have many white sandy beaches on our little red dot, we can build just build one. Bring in some sand, a beach ball and colour sun chairs for us urbanites to enjoy some beach fun!

There are also several activities at the urban beach to keep you entertained. There is a volleyball court and spaces for you to laze around on hammocks or those comfy air bags as you soaked in the ‘bayfest’ atmosphere. Check out the list of things you can do right below!

1) Spam your camera and phones with photos of you lazing on a beach against the City Skyline. 

Check out this photo booth station done by Trickeye Singapore

Source: DBS Bank

Prefer something more ‘instagrammable’?


2) Challenge with your friends at the Battle Bay to see who’s the fitness!

Are you the survival of the fittest? Best opportunity to play survivor and watch your friends struggle to stay afloat! I got to watch Jaime Teo and Narthan Hartono battling out at Battle Bay and it was very entertaining!

The Battle Bay will feature nine challenging obstacles to navigate including balance blocks, monkey bars, wall scaling, and rope swings

Source: DBS Bank

We caught Nathan Hartono in beast mode as he tries his very best to complete the obstacles in the shortest time possible.


3) Play Beach Games at the Urban Beach without having to travel all the way to East Coast Park or Sentosa

Source: DBS Bank

A game of volleyball anyone?

Source: DBS Bank

4) Eat, drink, shop and hang snuggle into these inflatable sofas and beautiful hammocks!

Grab some burgers and hot snacks at Bay Eats and enjoy some sun where the dragonboat heats are going on in the waters.



5) Good food and great company are all you’ll need to spend a perfect weekend!

The regatta’s food village Bay Eats is curated by The Local People and it features food stalls from award-winning and the top new eateries in town such as the “Neo- Sin” restaurant Labyrinth, French eatery Garçons, The BellJar, Leng Leng ice cream and more.

Have I told you that admission to this BayFest is free?


6) Take part in free Lululemon-curated yoga and fitness classes at The Play Dome


7) Do the Baywatch with the hunks (Okay, kidding)

Watch more than 3,000 dragonboating athletes as they battle against each other on the waters of Marina Bay!

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 12.27.48 AM
Source: https://www.dbsbythebay.com

8) Join Ultracountdown Party and dance the night away!

At night, the DBSMR X Ultra Countdown Party will take place exclusively at the regatta from 7 pm to 10 pm, on Friday and Saturday evening (2 and 3 June). The pre-parties will feature three Ultra Music Festival deejays every night, such as Dubvision, Crossnaders, Raiden, Jade Rasif, Moe and Myrne.

For more information, visit www.dbsmarinaregatta.com.

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