Geranium: Organic Facial Review


With a growing number of beauty and hair salons offering organic beauty treatments in Singapore these days, it makes it so much easier for the health or environmentally conscious individuals to enjoy beauty treatments using high-quality organic products. I noticed that beauty salons which offer natural or organic beauty treatments are quite careful and stringent in selecting their products. They would test several products before selecting the best ones for their own clients. That is also the reason why I do prefer such beauty salons who pays extra attention in sourcing the best products and constantly finding out which products or services would best suit their clients’ needs. And Geranium is one of such beauty salons which have specially curated some of the best facial and hair treatments for their clients using only products they trust.

I was there a couple of days back to try out their organic facial using certified organic products. I like that fact that the salon is just a stone throw away from Lavender MRT which makes it highly accessible. The location is also quite centralised and there’s also an organic supermart and restaurant nearby where you can indulge in some clean food after your beauty treatment at Geranium.


They also have a hair salon that offers hair treatments and services so you could kill two birds with one stone right over at Geranium.


As with any facial treatments, the beauty therapist would get you to fill up a personal particulars form and then have a consultation with you to find out what is your skin condition is like. From there, I also shared with them what are my skin needs. For instance, I know that I’ve got dull and dehydrated skin so I wanted a treatment which is more calming and moisturising for my current skin condition. My therapist, Fanny, recommended me to try their oxygen facial treatment which could help revitalise and energised my dull-looking skin. She explained the steps that would be carried out briefly before I enter the facial room. The treatment products contained active ingredients like Chlorophyll, sage, brown seaweed, Acerola and Rosemary which would help bring radiance back to the skin. These ingredients oxygenate the skin cells to achieve optimum cellular renewal, speed up healing, eliminate toxins for a brighter skin complexion.


The place looked very well-maintained, clean and minimal. I like that the treatment rooms had a soft background music played behind and a wide treatment bed with comfy thick blankets. Since it might get a little cold in the room, I like that the blankets are thick enough to keep me warm.

The treatment started off with a cleansing step following by a gentle skin exfoliation. The next step is facial extraction which is something I always dread when coming for facials but I know it is going to help my skin get better. I would say that the extraction skills of the therapist assigned to me were good. Geranium adopts a unique extraction technique that would put you at ease. The extraction done was thorough but gentle and fast so that it is less painful. I actually prefer this form of extraction technique where it does minimal damage to the skin surface. It also minimises redness in the skin after extraction. When too much pressure is applied to the skin during extraction, it can cause the skin to be in a state of distress and which might aggravate my skin problems. The calming toner used after Extraction is GERANIUM’s in-house blend of essential oils is applied on the skin straight after Extraction to calm and aid skin recovery.

After the extraction is done, she applied serum onto my face and did a 15-minute facial massage on my skin. This step is crucial because the massaging step helps to drive all the goodness in the serum right deep into the skin. So I was glad that she spent more time on the massage which would also boost blood circulation of the skin. Then she applied a thick layer of mask on my skin and leave it to sit on my skin for a good 20 minutes. During this 20 minutes of masking, she did a soothing shoulder and head massage. It was definitely a good way to make the customer feeling more relaxed. After all, it is similar to a spa treatment, right?

Lastly, she applied a chlorophyll-infused cream onto my skin after removing the mask as well as some sunscreen so that I could head out with a fresher and radiant-looking skin.

The results were amazing and I witness that instant brightness and radiance in my skin. That’s the power and beauty of using bio-active ingredients found in plants. And right now, my skin still remained clear and I hope that the radiance in my skin could stay long this way.


Geranium Skin and Hair Boutique

26 Horne Road

BH Building


Singapore 209062

Tel: +65 6294 2581


Take Exit B from Lavender MRT Station.

Operating Hours

Monday  to Friday: 11.00 am – 9.00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10.30am – 7.30pm

*Closed on Public Holidays

For more information, check out Geranium’s Facebook Page.

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