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It’s always exciting to dine at vegetarian food chain to see their take and innovation on meatless cuisine. Now, Bugis is becoming a gathering place for the health-conscious, vegans and vegetarians as there are so many vegetarian-friendly eateries here within the vicinity. Idealite 品味舒食, a leading wholesome dining chain in Malaysia, is a new addition to the growing number of vegetarian-friendly cafes and restaurants here in Singapore. It has first started off in Penang and now it has made its way here to Singapore! I wouldn’t have known about this place if not for my friend who highly recommends this vegetarian eatery.

You would be spoilt for choice at this vegetarian eatery because their menu is extensive. I had a hard time choosing which dishes I wanted to try because every dish on the menu looked so delicious and unique in their own way. Their menu is designed by a certified nutritionist and dietitians to provide nutritional and well-balanced meals for their customers.


This place is situated at Bugis Village, behind the busy marketplace and it is about a 5-minutes walk from Bugis MRT station. I was there on a weekday evening it the eatery seems quite crowded but there were tables for us and the diners here were pretty considerate. They ate and left quickly so there are always enough seats here.

The weather here in Singapore is getting warmer so we ordered some cool and refreshing drinks. We tried their handcrafted mocktails – fruit vinegar drinks which have a spoonful of chia seeds soaked in it – Pineapple vinegar mocktail and Mulberry vinegar mocktails. They’ve also added glasswort (a.k.a Sea bird’s nest) into the drink. This superfood is rich in calcium, iron, fibre and protein.

The drinks were very refreshing and it was not too sourish as well.


Hokkaido Miso Ramen

For the mains, we tried out a couple of their popular dishes which includes this bowl of Hokkaido Miso Ramen which consists of pumpkin puree, Shimeji mushroom, seaweed and tofu. The soup base has a mild sweet flavour to it due to the pumpkin puree which would have gone well with the miso. However, I felt that the miso flavour was overpowered by the sweetness in the puree. I was expecting a savoury soup base to go with the wheat noodles but the taste of the soup turns out to be quite flat. The saving grace was the whole wheat ramen noodles which had a nice bite to it. The portion was huge and they were very generous with the ingredients.


Good carbs is a plus.


Homemade Rojak

We had some rojak as a side which is like an Asian-style salad drizzled with the rojak sauce. It’s a simple mixed of fruits and vegetables. Instead of using peanuts, they add crushed cashew nuts into the rojak sauce.



Signature Claypot Rice

I would order this again if I were to come back here again. It’s a mix of brown rice served with pumpkin, carrots, mushroom and red chilli. I’ve never tasted vegetarian clay pot rice before and their version was pretty good I must say. It was served piping hot and it would have been a little tastier if they have drizzled some sauce over it so that the rice is not too dry to swallow.



Soya Gui Ling Gao 

When it comes to desserts, we were super impressed. I had their Soya Gui Ling Gao is a bowl of soya milk with Gui Ling Gao floating in the middle. The soya milk was rich and very fragrant. It goes so well with the herbal jelly, Gui Ling Gao. It is served cold so it was very refreshing to have it as a dessert after a good meal, especially on a hot day.


Currently, their dessert offerings are still quite limited and I hope they would offer a wider variety of healthy desserts.


Black Sesame Paste

The black sesame paste is a must-try as it is cooked very evenly and it is not too sweet. It was served warm. They’ve got the texture right. I just wish that the bowl was bigger so it could contain more black sesame paste!


You can be assured that the food served here contained no MSG, artificial flavourings, gluten vegetarian meat, peanuts or preservatives. They used wholesome ingredients like brown rice, whole-grain noodles, olive oil, rice bran oil and oat milk in their dishes. And the best part? Their dishes are priced affordably. No wonder this place attracts the older folks as well.

I would definitely visit Idealite again to try out their other innovative dishes. Besides, their service is great as they’ve got really helpful staff who are always on a lookout if you need anything.



153 Rochor Road

Bugis Village

Singapore 188428

Tel: 6264 7100

Business hours: 11.00am – 9.00pm

For more information, check out their website at or Facebook Page

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