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Time flies and this is perhaps my tenth haul from iHerb ever since I started my first iHerb haul in 2014. And that was three years ago and so much have changed ever since. I never thought I would continue to make regular purchases from iHerb since my first haul. Nonetheless, it has always been a trusted online platform where I could get my healthy, vegan, fair-trade or eco-friendly goods from. So far, I’ve not encountered any problems except on one particular occasion where the chocolate bar I ordered was crushed inside the delivery box. It was understandable as the chocolate bar itself has several layers of chocolate flakes. It was crushed but still edible and thankfully, it didn’t make a mess. So it didn’t really bother me.

I tend to have a particular theme for each of my iHerb hauls so that I would be able to share with you guys what are my favourites in each particular theme of products. This time, I decided to try out their organic chocolates along with some other random products which I required in my recipes. And talking about recipes, I haven’t been sharing much on my blog but I would some special recipes – perhaps involving some meat since I am no longer a vegetarian but flexitarian. Let’s cut the story short and dive right into my recent iHerb haul!

You can also check out my iHerb order via this link.


Ghirardelli, Premium Baking Cocoa, 8 oz (227 g)

You can’t really go wrong with cocoa powder. The only way you can tell if a cocoa powder is of great quality is the aroma and taste of it. I would say that the quality of this baking cocoa is not bad as it doesn’t have that dry bitter aftertaste and it has a pleasant dark and rich chocolate aroma. Would I recommend this? Yes! I believe it is also one of the more affordable cocoa powder available on iHerb.


These biscuits by Almondina is rising in popularity among the iHerb shoppers. It was one of the best-selling product and I knew I had to try it! True indeed, it was really good! Let’s just say it’s one of those toastees or biscuits which is made in the healthiest way possible. It has a really clean taste.

Almondina, Choconut, Almond and Chocolate Biscuits, 4 oz (113 g) (Left)

This makes a great companion with a cup of coffee or tea. I enjoy the intense chocolate flavour it has and mind you, it is pretty addictive.

The Cranberry Almond toastees was one of the bestsellers. It’s great for those who prefer a fruity taste. Unlike other toastees, it is not that difficult to bite into. The level of crunchiness is just nice.


Eden Foods, Organic Brown Mustard, 9 oz (255 g)

Honestly, I have not tried out this brown mustard yet. I bought this because I wanted to make vegan mayonnaise with it but currently, I have not found the time to experiment with this ingredient yet. Once I do, I will update this blog post again!

I’ve tried this brand of crackers before and it not only has an attractive colour but it is also very tasty. I prefer this rice roast over those huge round ones as it is just easier to pop it into the mouth.

Annie’s Naturals make great ketchup sauces that remain as one of the best-selling products on iHerb today. I wanted to try their salad sauces to see if they fare as well as the ketchup. I’ve not tried the raspberry vinaigrette yet but I’ve tried the Organic Green Goddess.

The dressing is light and not too rich. It has a cheesy flavour to it which adds a punch to your salads. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite salad dressing but if you are looking for a healthier salad dressing, this is something you can go for.

Beware, this packet of seeds is pretty addictive too. It’s great as a topping for salads or even as a snack on its own.

A big thank you to iHerb shoppers for their honest reviews which led me to this pack of dark chocolate. It’s indeed very delicious. It tasted like strawberry gummies dipped in dark chocolate. The supposedly-real strawberries have got a chewy texture and this natural sourish taste which is complemented the sweet dark bitter taste of the chocolate.

I was glad that I tried this chocolate even though it was not one of the highly raved products on iHerb. I like the small dark vanilla bits in the chocolate but it is somewhat a little too sweet.

So while I was searching for the best chocolates on iHerb, I stumbled across Chocolove’s Raspberries in Dark Chocolate. It was highly recommended by iHerb shoppers. But I have not got a chance to try all these of these chocolates yet as I am waiting for the right moment to use them in my smoothie bowl. So stay tuned!

I bought coconut flour because I wanted to make bliss balls with it. I actually prefer this coconut flour by Bob’s Red Mill over the one by Coconut Secret. The coconut flour by Bob’s Red Mill has got a more pleasant coconut flavour and it’s more finely grounded as compared to Coconut Secret’s coconut flour.

Bob’s Red Mill, Granola, Apple Strawberry, 12 oz (340 g)

Not terribly fantastic but average for this packet of granola which is lightly flavoured with apple and strawberry. You can’t compare this with other popular granola brands but this makes a great base ingredient for DIY muesli bars or granola bars. It could also be used as a base for cheesecakes or tarts.


MRM, Organic Red Beet Powder, 8.5 oz (240 g)

If you want to make vegan red velvet cakes or cupcakes, trust me, just use beetroot powder instead of fresh beetroot pulp. I find that this red beet powder, in particular, is so much easier to work with together with other baking goods. I made red velvet bliss balls with it and it tasted so good with the cocoa powder and nut butter.


Have I missed out any other good stuff on iHerb? Let me know in the comment box on what I should try out next!

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