PRET A MANGER : Healthy On-the-Go Food at Changi Airport



Want healthy, clean yet nutritious fast food made with natural ingredients? With the opening of the UK-based international sandwich shop, Pret A Manger, you can now enjoy a wholesome meal just before you board the plane or after you’ve touched down in Singapore at Changi International Airport.

I was so glad that they brought in Pret A Manger because while there are plenty of food outlets here in Changi Airport with vegetarian/vegan options, there isn’t really a place where I could get freshly prepared sandwiches or salads, cold-pressed juices or organic coffees. You could easily get them from cafes at the CBD area previously but now, it’s available right here at Changi Airport. For raw vegans, vegans and vegetarian foodies, this is great news!

It is currently located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 at the Departure Lounge within the transit area. We just flew back to Singapore after our trip in Vietnam so we thought it would be a great opportunity to check out Pret A Manger.

It wasn’t difficult to locate it as their signage, PRET A MANGER, was very prominent. It takes on the French pronunciation of ‘Prêt à Manger’ (ready-to-eat) which is derived from the phrase, prêt-à-porter. I found the name to be pretty apt because the food served there are all ready to be eaten right away. You could even purchase these grab-and-go sandwiches, salads or snacks and enjoy them on board the plane.

In terms of variety, they’ve got all the health food covered. For beverages, there’s organic coffee, hot chocolate and cold-pressed juices. Besides sandwiches, there are pastries, muffins, wraps, salads and yoghurt parfaits. As for snacks, they sell fresh fruits, nuts, gluten-free sweet treats and chips. Sandwiches are packaged in recyclable paperboard rather than sealed plastic. All the sandwiches, wraps and salads are freshly prepared in the kitchen located behind the cafe itself.


Food is prepared in smaller bulk to ensure freshness. Trust me, there’s a huge difference between freshly-made sandwiches you obtained here and pre-made sandwiches you get at convenience stores. The ingredients packed in the sandwich or wrap is not dry but still moist and tasted fresh. The wholemeal bread they used is still soft.


Some of the highly recommended sandwiches and wraps are Wild Crayfish & Rocket Sandwich, SuperClub Sandwich, and Swedish Meatball Hot Wrap. As for drinks, we recommend trying out their hot chocolate with organic coconut milk.



I personally enjoy drinking the orange and carrot cold-pressed juice mixed with some chia seeds.



These little bags of nuts and seeds make great snacks to nibble on if you’re still hungry after a meal. It’s nonetheless important to fibre up during travels.


Craving for something sweet? Try their gluten-free popcorn bar or chocolate brownie to satisfy your sweet cravings.


When food is lovingly made, it tasted great. For me, the freshness of the ingredients used is what impressed me the most over here at Pret A Manger.


Brie, Avocado and Tomato Toastie

I love this version of their toastie which is best when eaten warm because the melted cheese brings all the flavours together.


Wild Crayfish & Rocket Sandwich

For seafood lovers, you would adore this Wild Crayfish and rocket sandwich. I only wished that they added some cheese or savoury sauce in it to give it more of a punch.


Falafel and Red Pepper Hot Wrap 

We found ourselves heading over to Pret’s hot section where you can find a selection of hot foods like toasties and wraps. My favourite is this Falafel and Red pepper hot wrap which is quite generous in portion and the wrap was packed neatly and tightly with so many fillings. You could take small bites from it without having to worry that the fillings may fall out from the wrap.


Blueberry Yoghurt Parfait

This yoghurt parfait with a generous amount of blueberry compote took me by surprise. It has a very rich and creamy layer of Greek yoghurt that has a texture of a pudding. And the blueberry compote was made with no added sugar so it has that natural sourish berry taste that goes so well with the creamy yoghurt and crunchy granola.


Gluten-free Popcorn Bar 

If you still have some room in your tummy, grab a bar of their Gluten-free popcorn and perhaps head over to the Cinema at Changi Airport to catch a movie for free. It’s so tasty that I would rather have this over the usual movie popcorn.


Now I know where to get clean fast food at Changi International Airport in Singapore. And I hope this post is useful for you if you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian options at Changi Airport!


Pret A Manger

Changi Airport Terminal 3

Level 2, Departure Lounge (Central)

Transit Area

Opening hours: 06:00 AM-01:00 AM

Tel: 63855245

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