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When I first heard about the Escape game at Sentosa, I was super excited as I thought that it would be pretty fun to go around searching for clues while exploring this island. Sometimes, you might just stumble upon places or attractions on this island which you’ve never been before. It’s a little like playing Amazing Race on this island in ‘Escape-game’ style of course. What is even more interesting is that the game is played along the Sentosa line of Singapore Cable Car! This helps a lot as you don’t necessarily have to walk from one station to another. At the same time, you get a bird’s eye view of this 500-hectare Sentosa Island which is quite densely forested.

This Escape game along Sentosa line is designed by The Escape Artist who have organised many exciting Escape games before. I’ve taken part in one of the events before and I enjoyed solving the challenging puzzles they put forth. So I was really looking forward to what sort of puzzles they put forth this time.

Credit: One Faber Group

You get a bird’s eye view of Sentosa Island when you are sitting on the cable car along Sentosa Line.


I was grateful that I had the opportunity to play the Escape Game along Sentosa line before it opens next Monday. I teamed up with another travel blogger, Juan to unravel the 6 puzzles as well as to complete the final mission before we can do a victory dance!

So this Escape game will run from 12 June to 2  July 2017. And you can get into teams of four, five or six to play the game. Each team will be given an hour to race to their final destination using the Sentosa Line and collect clues across different points within Sentosa, including cable car stations located at Imbiah Lookout, Merlion and Siloso Point. Ten minutes of extra time will be given to participants each time they solve a puzzle. The starting point is at the membership counter on the second floor of the Merlion Cable car station at Sentosa Island.

Since this is a web-based game, you will need to have a fully-charged phone with you. You can either use your data or tap on ‘ WirelessSG’ to enjoy free wifi. For me, I used wifi to play the whole game throughout and so far, there’s no network problem and the wifi signal was pretty strong. But of course, when you’re travelling from stations to stations via the cable car, the wifi signal gets weaker.

I guess having played Escape before has helped my team in solving some of the puzzles but of course, with some help from the gamemasters from The Escape Artist. There are also hints provided if you are stuck at the puzzle. Because it is web-based, it is easier to play with as you don’t have to carry around any items to solve the puzzle. I guess it is also more eco-friendly in the sense that no materials used here have to be thrown away at the end of the day. Yes, it’s like a zero-waste game.


Physically-wise, I wouldn’t think it was that challenging as not much walking is involved. As for the puzzles itself, there was a good mix of both easy and difficult puzzles to solve. In fact, it makes a great entry game for those who are new to the Escape game. It is pretty age-friendly too and I believe that even young children might be able to play this game as well.


The only qualm for me is time! How I wish I had more time to take pictures of the island and enjoy the stunning views of the beaches on the island! But I knew I had to complete the mission and my team mate was enthusiastic about winning this game in the fastest time possible. Look! He was beckoning me to come solve the puzzle!


But of course, you could always come back to these spots right after you finish the game.


Do remember to bring along bottles of water and sunblock too!


While we were walking from one point to another, we discovered that there were indeed so many activities happening at Sentosa.


Finally, we managed to complete all six puzzles within an hour or so but we’ve got one last mission to complete. It involves a really cool device which I am not going to reveal this to you guys but I must say that it’s pretty innovative of The Escape Artist to have come up with this idea!


Are you ready to the play the game, ‘The Guardians’?

Source: The Escape Artist

The Guardians

Date: 12 June to 2 July 2017

Time: The first game commences at 11.00am and last game at 5.00pm.

Game Packages

4pax – $140.00

5pax – $150.00

6pax – $160.00

Sentosa Line Cable Car rides are required for the game.

For more information and purchasing of tickets, visit this link:

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