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With so many food options these days, it would be an excuse if you are telling me that it’s hard to eat healthily. And if there aren’t any healthy food choices you can make on Deliveroo, then perhaps you can try food delivery services that deliver convenient and wholesome meals to your doorstep for a short term or long term basis. In that way, you don’t have to keep ordering from those food delivery portals on a daily basis. Less hassle and less money spent on delivery fees.

It’s pretty much like your usual family Tingkat services where they deliver Chinese-style home-cooked meals to your doorstep. While the Tingkat meals are delicious, it may not necessarily be prepared in using healthier cooking methods or ingredients. But if you are a health-conscious individual, you might want to try Yeyeah Delights. What makes this food delivery service provider stands out from the rest is the effort they put into every meal. The nutritional content of meals is assessed and approved by their dietician and each meal comes with a nutrition label so that you know your calories intake. This comes in handy if you are trying to lose weight and have started keeping track of your calorie intake.

Yeyeah Delights offers four different types of meal plans – family, confinement, weight loss and soup meals. For me, I’ve tried their weight loss meal plan for three days. Each meal pack comes with a bowl of soup.

One thing to note though is that the food is packed and sealed into plastic bento boxes. All of their meals are freshly prepared in their HACCP certified kitchen, using locally sourced ingredients with no added preservatives, Unlike Tingkat catering, they are not served fresh to your doorstep on a daily basis. Their food packs are actually chilled to a temperature of 0-6 degrees right after cooking. To maintain the freshness of these ready-made meals, they are stored in chilled storage packs with ice inside and are being delivered to your house. It is also important to note that the food remains chilled and not frozen. And the meals packs can last up to 3 days. Yeyeah Delights is the first chilled Calorie Controlled ready-meals-solution provider in Singapore.

My 3-day Dinner meal boxes for 2 pax came in a large carton box. The delivery came punctually at around 4 plus. Besides the individually-packed main meal pack and soup bowl, they also included some non-fat yoghurt from Marigold. I guess it was to be eaten as a dessert or snack after the meal.
I took out one meal set to be heated up and stored in the rest of the food packs in the chiller compartment. The meal pack and soup took about 4 minutes for it to get heated up in the microwave oven. And once it is heated up, it was all ready to be eaten and enjoyed. So, how did the meal bento fare?


On my first day, I tried the meal pack that consists of sweet potato chunks, black pepper chicken and vegetables. I thought it was a great idea to serve sweet potato as a carbohydrate source in place of rice. While the black pepper chicken was delicious, I find the vegetables tasted quite bland. I also tried the pumpkin soup which was very tasty too. The soup itself is not too salty and I like that fact that it is quite thick too. It doesn’t contain any cream in it and yet it tasted really pleasant and creamy.


I would say that the Day-One bento meal was pretty good and I quite enjoyed it. The portion was very generous and perhaps it is a little too much for me to stomach it all. If you are a big eater, this meal would be sufficient. I also like the addition of the fruit yoghurt which makes a nice sweet and healthy treat right after the meal.


Pumpkin soup was done to perfection.


On Day 2, I tried the meal pack with brown rice, low-fat chicken and vegetables. The chicken tasted alright but the brown rice was a little mushy. The steamed vegetables was a little too soft for my liking. The white radish chicken soup, on the other hand, was well-cooked and tasty. It was a lovely home-cooked type of Chinese-style soup.


The chicken was cooked with less salt and other seasonings so it doesn’t taste as delicious as the black pepper chicken but it was alright. The portion sizes are quite generous too.


I like that the soup was not too salty, oily or rich. It is a well-flavoured broth that goes well with the chicken and brown rice.


On Day 3, I was expecting a different meal set but it turns out to be pretty similar except that the chicken was replaced with fish. The meal consists of fish, brown rice and vegetables. Likewise, the brown rice was a little mushy. I still prefer eating rice which has some texture to it. The fish was quite alright as well. And by the third day, I felt that the freshness of the food has decreased. From the texture, colour to the quality-wise of food, I felt that the meal I had on Day One tasted much fresher.


Nutrition-wise, the meals, in general, are well-proportioned and balanced. Every meal has included some carbs, a protein source and fibre in vegetables. The meat and vegetables are also prepared using healthier cooking methods. The portion-wise is great and you don’t have to worry about going hungry right after the meal. The soups they have were my favourite and the addition of yoghurt as a dessert was a fantastic idea. However, I wish that they have switched up the types of vegetables served and include other types of vegetables like Kai Lan or long beans. The brown rice could also be packed separately from the fish or chicken so that it is not too soft and soggy.

Chilled-packed meals are definitely more convenient and perhaps even more nutritious than regular fast foods. You can grab a meal pack from the fridge anytime and simply heat it up to enjoy a nutritious meal. But of course, the freshness of the food would be somewhat compromised. But I would definitely opt for well-balanced meals over deep-fried chicken or fries anytime! Depending on your lifestyle and needs, you can easily source for nutritious meals here in Singapore.

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