A Must-Have for the Sleep Deprived



What do you do when warm milk, chamomile tea, calming music and counting sheep doesn’t help you enter into a deep restful sleep?

It could very well due to light. Bright light in the environment signals the brain to stay alerted so don’t check your phone when you’re in bed! (I’m guilty of this) These days, I try to put on an eye mask so that I wouldn’t have the tendency to grab my phone to check my messages or Instagram. This eye mask is a silk-woven eye mask called Luxiere™Ergonomic Eye Mask. It has been really effective because it effectively blocks out the light. Because it’s ergonomic 3D contours, it fits nicely to the curvature of my face so it didn’t feel like I was wearing any eye mask at all. It is made out of Viscoelastic memory foam so it is also extremely lightweight and the material is breathable. What I like about this mask is the adjustable dual straps which can be adjusted according to the size of our head. If it is too tight, you can loosen the straps until it fits comfortably.

This would make a travel companion especially on long-haul flights where I need to catch some sleep. I wish airlines would be giving out such comfortable eye masks which are impenetrable to light!


The mask comes in two variation – one for the side sleepers and the other for the back sleepers. The mask also fits the nose bridge too.


To enhance your sleep, you could also add some calming essential oils like lavender on the eye mask before hitting the sacks. The calming effect of the scent would send you right up to lalaland.


Every purchase of the Ergonomic eye mask comes with free high-density ear plugs that mould to your ear canal plugs out all the noise. For more information, check out their website, SleepWiz, https://eyemask.sg/.

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