Changi Airport Terminal 4: A True Representation of Our Garden City


Have you read all about the exciting news about the new Terminal 4 at Changi Airport? Our award-winning airport is redefining what air travel should be like and as a Singaporean, I am so proud of what we have achieved as a nation so far. Especially with National Day just around the corner, that patriotic spirit in me has heightened. The visit to Changi Terminal 4 with Canon Singapore was an opening experience and indeed, everything is made possible right here in our tiny red dot.


So, what’s up with all the hype about Changi Terminal 4? Here are 10 reasons why Changi Terminal 4 would be one of the most spectacular terminals you will ever visit.


1.  T4 was built just within 3 years!

The plan to build a new terminal was announced in 2012 and it was decided that the old budget terminal would be demolished to make way for the construction of T4. The construction was completed in December 2016. And from 7 to 20 August 2017, it will be opened to the public. Building a terminal in three years from scratch? We are really efficient, aren’t we?


2.  T4 is half the size of T3

If you think that the newer terminal is going to be way bigger than T3, then you would be disappointed. T4, which is the size of 27 football fields, is much smaller than T3 and it took me about an hour to explore the grounds.


3.  T4 is super spacious

There’s plenty of space here and the transparent windows allow natural lighting to flood into the terminal to give that vibrant and cheery atmosphere. Travelling into and out of Singapore is indeed such a wonderful thing. Not forgetting that there are plenty of colourful seats around! And the toilets, they are equally spacious so that you can lug your luggage in.



4. Seamless travel for travellers

Terminal 4 is an epitome of a futuristic airport which heavily relies on technology. The self-service process of check-in, bag-drop, immigration clearance and departure-gate boarding at T4 are all automated. There is also an extensive roll-out of end-to-end self-service options at check-in counters, bag-drop and departure immigration.


5. An immersive wall to put you at ease

The unpleasant part about disembarking from the airport is the tight security checks. This 70m by 5m LED screen keeps you entertained and thrilled about stepping out of Singapore to explore the world as you go through the security screening queues. The visuals and audio are amazing and I was so enticed by the videos they put up on the immersive wall. It did wake up that travel bug in me. Hopefully, it would also help you to put you at ease.


6. Beautiful Peranakan-inspired toilets

Going to the loo has never been more fun. Toilets are always associated with filth and germs. But in Singapore, we’ve got one of the cleanest and prettiest toilets in town.


7. Peranakan Love Story

If you think Paris is the only romantic city in the world, wait til you watch this 6-minute theatrical performance at Heritage Facade which is found in the transit area of T4. This product stars local artists like Dick Lee, Adrian Pang, Benjamin Kheng and Koh Cheng Mun. It’s a love story between two musicians which took place in the sixties. The theme song of this production is Bunga Sayang and it was sung by Dick Lee. The music arrangement was so beautiful and romantic too!



8. The Biodiversity within T4

Do you know that there are more than 340 species of indoor plants within the terminal, including a green wall façade draped with 16,000 plants at the T4’s departure kerbside which is right outside the terminal? We are truly a green city. Plus, looking at greeneries really helps to calm the soul. There are also several varieties of fig plants from China, India and Southeast Asia that line the Avenue of Trees at the departure level.


9. Great view of the runway 

You can a full view of the runway while waiting for the arrival of your plane. There are ample of well-cushioned seats where you can rest in comfort while watching the planes take off.


10.  Flower petals everywhere

Wonder why you kept seeing the triangles all over T4? They are actually the shape of the flower petals and it is the signature logo of T4. From the ceilings to the carpets and furnishings, you will be able to recognise that signature triangle shape. Even the dustbins are triangular in shape too. The centrepiece at T4 is Petalclouds which comprises of many triangular-shaped structures thread together. The movement and flow of the structure synchronized with the animated lighting and music. It felt so therapeutic watching this grand-scale kinetic structure scaling up and down like a wave.


There are also other beautiful art sculptures within T4.


“The Travelling Family” by Swiss artist, Kurt Lawrence Metzler


“Hey Ah Chek!” by Singaporean sculptor, Chong Fah Cheong


“Les Oiseaux” by French artist, Cedric Le Borgne

The travel bug in me is released and I can’t wait to travel out of Singapore again.

Can’t get enough of T4? Watch this video below! It documents my photo walk journey with Canon Singapore.


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