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I often got asked the same question over and over again when I introduced myself as an eco-conscious blogger. “How do you live sustainably?” You don’t necessarily have to eat greens and go zero-waste to live sustainably. There are so many ways to practise sustainability in your life and the easiest way to start living more sustainably is to switch to eco-conscious brands which are committed to protecting the environment. Showing your support for such ethical-sustainable brands are important because your everyday choice can cause a shift in today’s consumerism industry. For instance, if you need a haircut or treatment, then find a salon that uses eco-conscious haircare brands. One of the more popular green haircare brands I know is the Oway or the Organic Way. Salons that chose to use this brand of organic haircare products understand the effectiveness of natural botanical actives on their client’s hair and scalp. One of such salons in Singapore that uses Oway products is Geranium. They also have an in-house facial salon offering organic facial treatments.

A few days ago, I was there at their hair salon to try out their organic hair and scalp treatment. Before the treatment begins, the hair stylist would do a scalp analysis using a hair scalp scanner.


You can tell how healthy your scalp is by looking at the pores on your scalp. I do have some clogged hair follicles and there was excess sebum coating the roots of my hair as well. It’s definitely time to get a good scalp detox! Based on the scalp analysis, my hair stylist recommended me to do a scalp detoxifying treatment.


For the scalp treatment, a mixture of Oway’s Pure Biodynamic Thyme and Purifying Rice wax was applied all over my scalp. The Pure Biodynamic Thyme has skin-balancing properties and it felt refreshing and tingling on my scalp.  After applying the mixture onto my scalp, the hair stylist gave me a good 15-minute scalp massage. This action helps to spread the product more evenly across my scalp.

The micro-granules present in the rice wax also helps to gently exfoliate the scalp as the stylist massages my scalp. The massage also helps to relax the scalp and promote blood circulation in the scalp.


Oway’s philosophy is simple. They combine the nature’s best ingredients to help balance our hair and scalp.  They obtained bio actives from plants which are organically grown in their biodynamic farms. Their organic formulations are also certified.


This scalp treatment is also great for those who have dry or oily dandruff. The Purifying rice wax contains Biodynamic Rosemary which has antimicrobial properties and it is ideal for treating irritated scalps. Oway’s environmental commitment also extends to their packaging. No overpackaging, external wrapping or packs. Their product tubes are made of 100% recyclable aluminium, a resistant material which doesn’t corrode. Their products also come in pharmaceutical amber glass bottles and jars which are all recyclable.


After the scalp massage, the stylist also gave me a soothing neck and shoulder massage. She was great at relieving those tight knots on my shoulders and I felt super relaxed after the massage. The scalp mixture was left on my scalp for another 5 minutes before washing.


She shampooed my hair twice to ensure that my entire scalp is clean before proceeding with the hair treatment.

For the hair treatment, a moisturising hair mask was applied onto my hair. Oway’s moisturising hair masks contains Biodynamic Hazel which has softening and nourishing properties, thus leaving the hair fibres feeling softer and smoother. It also contains Murumuru butter that helps repair dry and brittle hair. This butter, which is obtained from Murumuru seeds, gives the hair that glossy shine too.


To enhance the hair treatment process, my hair was steamed for about 10 minutes or so before washing. My hair was then placed under this therapy machine that radiates blue light which kills hair pathogenic bacteria.


Later,  she applied some hair ampoule on my hair before switching on the therapy machine again. This time, it radiates red light which helps to promote blood circulation and increase the absorption rate of the ampoule. Lastly, a hair serum was applied to my hair before they blow-dry and styled my hair.


Results? My hair felt lighter and my scalp felt so much cleaner than before. I love the results and I enjoyed the entire hair spa experience. I’m not only impressed by Oway’s products and their involvement in sustainability but also the stylist’s skills, who has been very careful and patient in performing each step. It is crucial that every step is done properly with great patience so that you can experience the maximum benefits of these organic hair products.


I can assure you that you definitely wouldn’t get shortchanged when you chose to live a green sustainable life. You are not missing out anything in life. In fact, it is a luxury to be using such high-quality products that contain the most natural and organic plant actives obtained ethically. Isn’t this the most humane way of living your life too?

All it requires is for you to make that conscious choice.

Geranium Skin and Hair Boutique

26 Horne Road

BH Building


Singapore 209062

Tel: +65 6294 2581


Take Exit B from Lavender MRT Station.

Operating Hours

Monday  to Friday: 11.00 am – 9.00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 10.30am – 7.30pm

*Closed on Public Holidays

For more information, check out Geranium’s Facebook Page.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love Oway’s hair products too. May I know how much the scalp and hair treatment cost? And how much would the scalp treatment cost alone?

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