How’s Your Financial Health?


Credit: DBS Singapore

Hitting thirties and preparing for the next stage of life could be a daunting transition period for those in their mid to late twenties. Health is a priority and wealth is not everything but being financially-stable is key. How’s your financial health like?

I didn’t really take my financial health seriously until recently when I am starting to save up for a new home with my partner. Since we were also planning to start a family, we would also need to consider our current finances and perhaps looking for the various investment plans in order to live more comfortably in the future. I had no background in finances or economics so I am pretty clueless when it comes to financial planning. If you’re in a similar situation as me and now nuts about financial planning, then fret not because now there’s a financial planning centre in town which offers free advisory services, with no financial products being sold. This one-of-a-kind financial planning centre is launched by DBS, Southeast Asia’s largest bank. It is part of a new financial planning initiative by DBS named “NAV – Your Financial GPS”, and their main goal is to help customers navigate through life’s changes, uncertainties and opportunities.

Credit: DBS Singapore

Previously, if I would like to seek advice financial matters, I would have to talk to a financial consultant who is usually attached to banks or insurance companies. As part of their job, they would try ways to persuade you to buy certain financial products from them. And you’ll never know if they are just trying to help your finances grow or they are just interested in digging cash out of your pocket. More than often, I wish I could find a reliable financial consultant who would provide me with useful advice and great insights to help me achieve my financial goals.

Credit: DBS Singapore


NAV, which is targeted at young adults, seems like the answer for those who just need a financial consultation from someone with expertise in finances. At NAV, you can enjoy free personalised financial planning sessions with DBS’ NAV crew, where you can learn more about you current financial health, as well as your financial goals and how to achieve them. More importantly, you would not feel pressured to purchase any financial product.The financial planning sessions are conducted independent of sales and no financial products will be sold.

You can also obtain financial planning tips from the NAV online space and attend monthly financial planning classes at the “NAV Hub” conducted by industry experts. It’s more like a centre where you acquire all the information you’ll need to grow your finances.

Credit: DBS Singapore

Whether it is about buying your first home, getting married, raising children, growing their money or retiring comfortably, you would be able to acquire useful information at NAV Hub to help you manage your own finances responsibly and wisely.


Have you gone for financial consultation services before? What is it like? Share with me about your experiences in the comment box below!

45 Tras Street Singapore 078984

(5-minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT)

Opening Hours: Tues – Fri (11am – 7pm) , Sat (10am – 5pm)

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