KARA by Sogurt: Healthy Gourmet Eats + Artisanal Desserts

KARA cafe and dessert bar by sogurt

I don’t think I’ve ever visited a cafe that offers a galore of healthy eats together with desserts all at one go. It’s like having the best of both worlds coming into one spot – salads bowls, hot food and to-die-for frozen yoghurt. KARA took me by surprise.

KARA by Sogurt is the latest addition to the string of modern cafes that popped up along the quieter neighbourhoods in Singapore. It’s a stone throw away from Tan Kah Kee MRT and it’s a great spot for a quiet weekend brunch or gatherings over desserts like frozen yoghurt and waffles.

KARA cafe and dessert bar by sogurt

It’s not your usual cafe that serves Insta-worthy but mediocre food in an Insta-worthy setting. Their new artisanal soft-serve desserts are divine and it is definitely worth a try because they are currently only offered at this outlet.


KARA reminded me of a Korean Girl Pop band that I used to know so I was curious to know if this cafe was perhaps Korean-inspired. It turns out that KARA is inspired by the Hebrew word, ‘ Qarah’ which means to be at the right place and at the right time. It was one of my favourite Hebrew words in the Bible because it is all about God’s perfect timing. And I was definitely thankful to be trying out some of KARA’s signature dishes that were served that particular evening.

KARA cafe and dessert bar by sogurt

What’s on their menu?

Their casual ‘all-day-dining’ menu which features hearty soups, savoury grain bowls, grilled cheese toasties and bite-sized snacks are all quite impressive in one way or another. Some of their signatures tasted even better than the salad bowls or snacks served at other upscale cafes which I’ve visited.

In fact, their menu isn’t exactly casual at all, looking at how much effort that goes into designing and crafting each dish to perfection. The owner of KARA by Sogurt, Lee Li Ping, has redefined the concept of a cafe with the inclusion of their signature self-served bar format.

KARA cafe and dessert bar by sogurt

Sogurt Bar

And after a good meal, you could head over to their self-served Froyo bar to have some uniquely-flavoured Froyo as desserts. There are currently six Froyo flavours to choose from: Strawberry Thyme, Maple Lavender, Lychee Rose, Salted Speculoos, Dark Chocolate and Original. My favourite? Strawberry thyme! I came to realise that berries actually do go well with thyme. It’s uplifting and it definitely stimulates your taste buds.

It is also worth mentioning that their premium handcrafted frozen yoghurt are low-fat, high calcium, containing live and active cultures, palm-oil free. Say yes to environmental sustainability! They also serve organic teas (Tea Forté) and smoothies which are free from preservatives and artificial colourings.

KARA cafe and dessert bar by sogurt

Topped your cup of Froyo with some toppings like Sesame puff pastry sticks or Cacao nib nibble for some crunch!

The Dishes

Sesame Soba Bowl ($14)

KARA cafe and dessert bar by sogurt food review sesame soba bowl

You’ve got a good mix of greens there and this plateful of greens comes with sesame dressing. A refreshing vegetarian-friendly dish and a great choice for those on a clean diet.

Okonomiyaki Truffle Tots ($12)

KARA cafe Okonomiyaki truffle tots

It’s probably their version of truffle fries which looked much cuter and it’s way easier to savour it. Just pop one in your mouth and enjoy that outburst of truffle flavour with that creamy mayo. It’s something that I would order again if I’m popping by KARA again.

Korean Wings ($13)

KARA cafe Korean Wings

Not bad for a cafe which was once specialising in Froyo only to come up with some decent Korean chicken wings there. It’s glazed with honey, Japanese soy and garlic. The slight tanginess and sweetness in it were quite tantalising for my taste buds.

Smoked Bacon Blues ($15)

KARA cafe smoked bacon blues

This came as a surprise because you wouldn’t think that bacon with cheese toast could be made any more delicious than that. They took it up a notch with the addition of sweet apple chutneys that balances out the saltiness in the smoked Bacon and Stilton Blue Cheese, making it very palatable and appetising indeed.

Pork Belly Miso ($16)

KARA cafe Pork Belly Miso

This aroma coming from the caramelised slices of pork belly would entice any meat-eaters for sure. It complements with the soft egg and Japanese rice.

Coco Cashew Pomelo ($13)

KARA cafe Coco Cashew Pomelo

This Thai-inspired Vegetarian dish consists of a house blended coconut curry, black tofu, quinoa and kale chips. If you’re into Asian-fusion food, this would be a good choice.

Taco Mexx Chicken ($14)

KARA cafe Taco Mexx Chicken

KARA takes you to Mexico with their Taco Mexx Chicken which has a taco-spiced chicken, cilantro crema, jalapeno and chipotle salsa. It’s somewhat like a burrito bowl with all the Mexican flavours in it. All the grain bowls come with a choice of garlic Japanese rice or Quinoa salad.

Thai Tofu Salad ($14)


For Vegans, you could try out their Thai Tofu Salad that comes with fragrant peanut dressing. These chockful of nutritious greens would keep you full and satisfied until your next meal.

Tomato Miso ($6)


Their Tomato Miso has got this strong smoky flavour which is something that I wouldn’t expect a tomato soup to have. It was interesting and very flavourful indeed but it’s not quite my cup of tea.

Mochi Charcoal Sesame Waffles ($12.50)


As for desserts, KARA has got it all covered. Their mochi waffles are a must-try. We tried the charcoal waffles with Maple Lavender froyo and it was one of the best waffles I’ve ever tasted. The waffle was soft and chewy. I like the fact that they have served the Froyo separately so that the waffle will not become soggy.

Have you encountered those moments where you felt overpowered by the intense sweetness found in desserts? These waffles, paired with Froyo, have the right amount of sweetness in it that might leave you wanting more.

S’mores Sensation ($13)


The mention of roasted marshmallows with chocolate sauce brings back childhood camping memories. It’s a nostalgic dessert for sure with the slightly burnt marshmallow and warm biscuits.  This also comes with your choice of ice-cream or froyo.


Ready to feast on all these healthy eats, grain bowls, salads and artisanal desserts? I’ve already marked down a date to visit this healthy-conscious cafe again. And this time, I am going to dig into some waffles with Strawberry Thyme.

Check out KARA’s new menu items here!

KARA by Sogurt

617 Bukit Timah Road

Singapore 269718

Tel: +65 6468 8940

Email: kara@sogurt.com.sg

Operating Hours:

Daily – 10.30 am to 10.30 pm (Last order 10 pm)

Capacity (maximum seating): 72

Size: 1200 sqft

Getting there by Public Transport

Nearest MRT stations: Tan Kah Kee or Botanic Gardens

Buses: 66, 67, 74, 151, 154, 156, 157, 170, 170A, 171, 174, 852, 961, 961C

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