nomVnom : Singapore’s Very Own Healthy Vegan Fast food Joint


This vegan fast food restaurant is already shifting mindsets of those meat-eaters here in Singapore. Without meat-based burger patties, would burgers actually taste delicious? nomVnom does it in the most exquisite, eco-friendly and cruelty-free manner – using only plant-based ingredients to make their burgers, fries, spaghetti and even ice cream.

Welcome to the Vegan World.

I’ve tried other vegan burgers before in Singapore but I guess they aren’t as good and value-for-money as the ones offered at here nomVnom. In terms of burger variety, nomVnom has it all. For a vegan, this is pure burger kingdom. You could even enjoy a well-balanced guilt-free meal as various healthy and wholesome ingredients are used to make the burger buns, patties and fries. For instance, their homemade burgers are made from unbleached white flour, brown sugar, natural yeast, sea salt and filtered water. As for the burger patties, they are either soy, potato, mixed vegetables or mushroom-based. The patties are also free of dairy products, onion, garlic and alcohol. No preservatives, flavourings or artificial colourings are added into their food too.


I am particularly drawn to the fact that they use disposables which are biodegradable. Thumbs-up for being earth-friendly!


What’s on our table? We got to try their latest new dishes which includes the Organic rainbow salad, Spinach linguine, Frostie Toastie and Purpurish QQ burger.



Spinach Linguine

It’s a well-made vegan pasta with ‘cheesy’ nutritional yeast and vegan ham as toppings. It was quite tasty but I just wished that the linguine was cooked to al dente so that it has a firmer bite to it.


Banana Fritters

nomVnom’s version of banana fritters or ‘Goreng Pisang’ ( a well-loved local dessert) is quite a bomb. It’s a must-try because it is pretty mind-blowing. You’ve got that slightly crunchy outer layer and the super sweet and soft cooked banana slices on the inside. It was truly satisfying.



All dine-in burger comes with a free shot of healthy vinegar fruit drink as an appetiser. It’s one of the best drinks you can have before a meal because drinking fruit vinegar aids in digestion.



Purpurish QQ Burger

Like all the other burgers sold there, the Purpurish burger was very tasty and it has an interesting Asian twist to it as the patty was drizzled with a brown sauce that tastes like satay. The homemade burger buns were super soft and when paired with the tasty burger patty and fresh lettuce, it was incredibly delicious. The texture of the patty was great and the purple cabbages have got a sweet aroma to it.


Rainbow Salad

If you just needed something to cheer you up, skip the chocolates and chips. Instead, you should opt for a bowl of rainbow salad because the vibrant colours help to instantly lift up your mood. More importantly, the vegetables are very fresh and crunchy. And I wish the salad bowl was bigger though!


Frostie Toastie

After I was done with the savoury food, I went on to try out their new vegan ice cream. They only had selected flavours of ice cream on that particular day so I chose Matcha. Each scoop of ice cream comes with the bun and they were served separately.

Ice-cream burger, anyone?

They used coconut milk to make the ice-cream so that explains for its strong coconut flavour.  It was very rich, dense and creamy in texture. It’s actually best eaten with the buns so you wouldn’t feel that it is too rich or creamy in your mouth. It was a good vegan ice cream but I just wish that it wasn’t too rich and dense. It would be nice if they served it on vegan waffles or pancakes too.


If you’re a meat-eater and think that vegan food is plain boring and unappetizing, you should drop by here for a burger. I am pretty sure you would be amazed at how innovative and mouth-watering vegan food can be.

I am definitely coming back for more. If you caught me sitting by the corner indulging on some burger and fries, don’t forget to say hi.



Central Clarke Quay

6 Eu Tong Sen Street

#B1-44 S059817

Daily 10am – 10pm

Another outlet:

18 Tai Seng

18 Tai Seng Street

 #B1-02 S539775

Daily 9 am – 9 pm



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