The Frank Food Company : Getting Frank with Vegetables


Let’s be FRANK here. Are organic vegetables safer and healthier? Are organic vegetables really organic?

There are clear differences between organic and non-organic produce. Without a doubt, non-organic produce contains lower toxic compounds and pesticides. And organic produce, on the other hand, contains higher antioxidants as compared to non-organic produce. It all boils down to a matter of choice on whether you are willing to spend a little more on organic produce or not. In Singapore, you can get your organic local produce from supermarkets or directly from local farms. And if you find it inconvenient to pick up fresh produce from the supermarkets, you can have them delivered directly to you.

The Frank Food Company is a new addition to the family of organic food delivery services you can find here in Singapore. They bring in fresh organic produce from Central Java, Indonesia and packed them neatly into boxes. Minimal packagings are used. Their vegetables were plucked from the rich fertile volcanic soils before delivering to you. The farmers start harvesting at 5 am and you would receive your vegetables at 5 pm. Within 12  hours, you’re able to receive your fresh produce from the organic farms in Indonesia. I don’t think it can get any fresher than that! Organic vegetables sold in supermarkets aren’t that fresh since most of them were imported.

The Frank Food Company obtained their vegetables from a local farming group in Indonesia and it is led by Emily Susanto from Bloom Agro. These farms receive international Organic certifications from EU and Japan.


Their veggie box comes in three different sizes and each box consists a mixed variety of vegetables. I received the small veggie box which has tomatoes, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, pumpkin, spring onion, broccoli, Chinese celery and brinjal. Some of these vegetables tasted really sweet! My favourite ones are beetroot, carrot, tomatoes and lettuce. I have to say that beetroots were exceptionally good! It has a beautiful deep red colour and it was so fleshy!


The long beans, however, were a little tough and more fibrous. But it still tastes really delicious when you stir-fry it with some Asian chilli paste.


Such perishables need to be consumed within a few days as they turn bad quickly. I usually use all the leftover vegetables to make cold-pressed juices. After juicing, I would use the juice pulp to make compost or fertilisers. Nothing goes to waste.

Buying organic produce from such trusted farms would actually help support this group of Indonesian farmers who are trying to make a livelihood from organic farming. And with more organic farms around, organic vegetables could be made more readily available to everyone. Are there any farming methods which are more sustainable than organic farming?

Eat and live green.


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