Barashi-Tei: Japanese Restaurant that Opens Till Late


It’s midnight and you are looking for a place to have a late dinner or supper with friends. You wanted something more substantial rather than going to a coffee shop for Bar Chor Mee or Roti Prata. Perhaps you’re craving for some Japanese food and you just wanted to dine comfortably at a brightly-lit restaurant that serves decent Maki rolls, Chirashidon and sushis. Barashi-Tei would be that place you’re looking for.

It was my first time here at Barashi-Tei. Lo and behold, this restaurant along Middle Road serves really good Maki rolls, sushi and Chawanmushi. I wouldn’t say that the food here tasted authentic and refined like the ones served at high-end Japanese restaurants but they are delicious. I find that some of the dishes here were tailored to suit our local tastebuds so I find them very palatable. Perhaps that was also the reason why the food tasted like home cooked meals which are prepared by a passionate chef who understands his clients’ likes or dislikes. It was a pretty memorable meal for me that evening.


Ika Teriyaki (Grilled Squid with Teriyaki Sauce) 

Their menu is extensive and there are so many side dishes and appetizers to choose from. For seafood lovers, you could try their Ika Teriyaki which makes a great appetizer.


Spicy Salmon Maki

Crispy Tempura Prawn, Broiled Salmon with special spicy sauce

I would highly recommend their Spicy Salmon Maki which is so divine! I could feel that crispy texture of the tempura prawn as my teeth sinks into it. The texture is just fantastic and I love the explosive flavour of the salmon together with the spicy creamy sauce that drizzles over the sushi roll.  


Uni Chawanmushi

Steam egg with sea urchin

You would surprise that they serve some exotic dishes on their menu too. Sea urchin Chawanmushi? They got serve them here too.


Ikura Chawanmushi

Steam egg with Salmon Roe

My next favourite is their Ikura Chawanmushi which has a good ratio of egg to tofu. I actually prefer eating Chawanmushi with a lighter egg flavour so that it doesn’t overpower the flavour of other ingredients found in it. Their version of Chawanmushi is perfect.


Wagyu Beef Over Rice

Beef lovers would be swoon over their tender Wagyu beef slices with Japanese rice. The medium-rare beef slices are soft and slightly chewy and it goes really well with the rice.


Grilled Enoki Mushroom Wrapped with Beef Skewer 

Planning to have a sake drinking session there? Their grilled dishes like this beef skewers would go well with some sake or beer. Or perhaps some deep-fried soft shell crab?


Deep-fried battered Softshell crab


Chirashi Don 

Fresh Raw Fish Slices Over Sushi Rice

And if you love eating sashimi, then you would have to try their signature Chirashi Don which they are well-known for. Their Chirashi Don comes with thick slices of raw fish which would keep you feeling satisfied for a long time. For any sashimi fans out there, it is quite a good deal.


Foie Gras sushi

And if you desire something fancy, try their Foie Gras sushi which seared to perfection. I just wish that it was served warm or right after the foie gras has been seared or pan-fried.



End the night with some gelato. There are several flavours to choose from – Avocado, Pistachio, Mango, Yuzu, Green Tea and Black sesame. I am glad that I went for Pistachio because it was quite lovely.

For the health-conscious, you can opt for their salads, sushi rolls, soba or temaki. For me, I would definitely come back for their Spicy Salmon Maki.

Do you have a favourite Japanese restaurant in Singapore? Let me know in the comment box below!


266 Middle Road

Elias Building

Singapore 188991

Tel: 6837 0506

Opening hours:

1100- 1500 (Lunch daily)

1800-0200 (Dinner daily except for Sunday which closes at 10 pm)

Book your table at Barashi-Tei! Simply follow the 3 steps below:
1) Go to
2) At the top right hand corner, click BOOK NOW.
3) Fill in the particulars and you are done!

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10am to 3pm
Mon – Sat 6pm to 2am
Sun – 6pm to 10pm

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