Canon Imaging Academy: Lightroom Workshop Review


My photography journey continues as I decided to take up the photography editing workshops offered at Canon Imaging Academy in Singapore. I knew that I could pick up the skills online but I wanted someone who has experience in Photoshop or Lightroom to share with me their valuable insights and shortcuts when it comes to photo editing. It turns out to be a fruitful session for me as I discover some of the awesome photo editing tools which Lightroom offers. I’ve also learnt some basic terms of photo editing when I could apply it using other photo editing apps on my phone. All I could say that this workshop was a game changer because now my photos I churn out looked so much better after learning a thing or two about photo editing.

Canon Imaging Academy offers both Lightroom and Photoshop workshops. I decided to go for the Lightroom workshop first as I heard that it is so much easier to master it as compared to Photoshop. Both software are under Adobe so I guess if you are familiar with one software, it should be quite easy to pick up the other Adobe photo editing software.

The Lightroom workshop is a full-day workshop which is usually held on a weekend. Each student is assigned to iMac and we have a hands-on practice session of using Lightroom on our own desktops. Lightroom 4 is used as teaching aid for this workshop, however, the instructor will also cover the new features available in the latest version of Lightroom to keep us up to date.

Other than learning the capabilities of Lightroom, we are also taught on how to develop an eye of how to ‘see’ and analyze an image before working on any images. This is what differentiates their workshop from other photo editing workshops offered online or elsewhere. We were taught from the perspective of professional photography and how we are merely relying on this useful tool to enhance our photographs.


Our instructor was David, a highly experienced local photographer and instructor, who has also conducted the Basic Photography course at Canon Imaging Academy. He went through with us the workflow and covered basically all the functions of each tool in Lightroom.


The small class size and the practical session was useful. There is ample time to try out the tools for yourself and ask questions when in doubt. I’ve always thought that the skills of the photography in manipulating the camera is more important than anything else. But now I learnt that you could literally transform an ordinary-looking and unappealing photo into a beautiful work of art. Sometimes, you are unable to control what the camera lens could capture. But with technology, this problem could be easily rectified and the results are just amazing.

If you’re a budding photographer or just someone who is interested in photography, I would highly encourage you to attend one of their photo editing workshops at Canon Imaging Academy too. Both Basic photography and Lightroom workshops could be paid using your SkillsFuture credits. I’ve benefited a lot from attending both workshops at Canon Imaging Academy.

Yes to life-long learning!

For more information on this workshop, visit this link here.  

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