Can Charcoal Really Whitens the Teeth?


So, you have probably heard so much about Carbon Coco online but have you ever wondered if it really works? I’ve read up several reviews online before actually trying the product. There were mixed reviews on this product – some say it works wonders while some say it didn’t benefit them at all. And there were also a few sceptics who mentioned that charcoal doesn’t even whiten the teeth in the first place. Some quipped that the product caused a mess in the toilet. Is it worth the purchase?

I got Carbon Coco’s ultimate carbon kit which includes a tub of activated charcoal tooth polish, one activated charcoal toothpaste, tongue cleaner, tooth brush made with bamboo bristles and a satin pouch. It costs $59.90 USD. It is very expensive as compared to regular whitening toothpaste sold in the market. But considering that the tub of activated charcoal could probably last you for up to two months, then the item wouldn’t seem as expensive. You wouldn’t need much charcoal to polish your teeth anyway.


They used medical grade activated charcoal which is oxidized carbon obtained by burning of the coconut husk. It supposedly claims that it removes external stains on the teeth, thus whitening the teeth. And what you’ll need to do it to coat the toothbrush bristles with some charcoal powder then brush your teeth gently in circular motions. It is recommended that you brush gently because the charcoal particles are quite abrasive. It is 100% Organic Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal with a hint of bentonite powder and lemon myrtle. The activated charcoal gently polishes your teeth as you brush. Hence, you do not want to over brush your teeth or the abrasive charcoal particles will wear down your enamel. 

As you brush your teeth with the charcoal, I recommend that you try to purse your lips together to keep your mouth closed as you brush or else the remnants of the charcoal bits can fly out of your mouth and cause a mess. You wouldn’t want that to happen.


Also, do you a separate tooth brush when brushing your teeth with charcoal. That’s because the charcoal bits can get stuck in between the bristles and it’s difficult to clean it. The bamboo toothbrush that comes along with the product is useful in this case. I only used that toothbrush to polish my teeth with charcoal. 


After brushing your teeth with charcoal, you might still have some charcoal stucked in between your teeth. Thus, you might want to brush your teeth again with normal toothpaste or Carbon Coco activated charcoal toothpaste. Although Carbon Coco toothpaste is black, it will immediately foam up and it doesn’t leave any black substances between your teeth.

The ingredient list wasn’t stated on the toothpaste packaging so I had no idea if the toothpaste is 100% natural or not. It works and tastes just like regular toothpaste except that it doesn’t leave that strong artificial taste in your mouth. Also, it effectively cleans the teeth and I find that it helps get rid of bad breath as well.


So after a charcoal toothbrushing session, do my teeth get whiter? My mum, who used to be a dental therapist, always tells me that our teeth naturally have this slight yellow tint in our tooth enamel. So I guess no matter how much polishing is done, your teeth wouldn’t turn any whiter unless your teeth are originally rather yellow or stained. Hence, results do vary among individuals. That explains why some say this product works well for them while others mention that it doesn’t whiten their teeth at all.


I’ve been using it several times now and overall, I find it rather time-consuming because you have to brush your teeth twice to get it cleaned. That also means that you would need to allocate some time to maintain your oral health which may not be a bad thing after all since we really do need to pay more attention to our teeth and gums.

The charcoal didn’t whiten my teeth but I find that it helps get rid of bad breath or any odours in my mouth. The activated charcoal does have this natural anti-bacterial property which also helps to neutralize odours. It works even better than mouthwash in my opinion. Carbon Coco toothpaste, in particular, really helps to freshen the breath and I like the spearmint flavour in the toothpaste. I wouldn’t mind purchasing the toothpaste again if not for its expensive price tag.


Carbon Coco’s ultimate carbon kit also comes with the tongue cleaner which is a great tool to remove that film of bacteria coating your tongue. This kit has got all you’ll need to maintain good oral hygiene. It also comes with a small black pouch which you can probably store all the essentials into the pouch and bring it with you whereever you go.


Carbon Coco also offers coconut oil pulling sachets which are also said to help whitens the teeth naturally. I’ve read about the health benefits of oil pulling that goes beyond just keep your breath smelling fresh. I’ve yet to try it out but it would be great to incorporate it into your daily routine.

I hope you find my review useful and if you have used this product before, do share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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