FRANK: The Mobile Hotdog Container


When I was living in Canada, I love dropping by the Hot Dog van to get some lip-smacking hot dogs drizzled with hot sauce and mustard. Right now, I could get my hot dog cravings satisfied here at FRANK by Brotzeit, which is located right at the entrance of One Marina Boulevard. It is Singapore’s first and only F& B container concept has just opened in the heart of the CBD area, serving up freshly-made hot dogs with global inspirations. They prepare each dog within 3 minutes! Their kitchen is within the container and they are able to move from places to places. I wonder if they could camp out near my house.



You not only get to try one type of hot dogs but a variety of hot dogs across the world – from Asian-inspired hot dogs to German hot dogs like Nürnberger dog along with Löwenbräu Leger beers. My favourite would be their Salted Egg Frank – fried squid sausage drizzled with spiced salted egg sauce, stuffed in curry leaf deep fried Bao bun.  The salted egg sauce was legit and it went so well with the squid sausage and fried buns.

What really stood out for most of us is the soft hot dog buns. The buns are toasted before the sausage and other ingredients are added into it. Nürnberger dog also turns out to be quite a hit among us too.

Below are 5 hot dog buns which we’ve tried.


Salted Egg Frank 

(SGD 15)

(crispy batter fried squid sausage, spiced salted egg sauce with curry leaves, deep-fried Bao bun)


Nürnberger dog 

(SGD 10)

Nürnberger sausage, potato salad, whole grain mustard, mayonnaise, chives, pretzel bun


Tokyo Frank

(SGD 12)

Kurobuta pork sausage, daikon with miso dressing, nori, bonito flake, teriyaki glaze, Asian bun



(SGD 11)

 A soft Asian bun, Kurobuta pork sausage, kimchi, Korean sweet spicy glaze and spring onions


Curry Dog

(SGD 15)

*comes with 0.3L Beer

Curry Ketchup, mustard, white roll, sauerkraut, crispy bacon


Grab some hot dogs, beer and chill by Marina Bayfront. A perfect way to end the night.


1 Marina Boulevard

(Level 1, near entrance)

Singapore 018989

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