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Gone are the days where I would lug a handbag or sling bag whenever I head out. These days, I prefer carrying backpacks because I often carry a lot of items these days whenever I am heading out for events or work. Handbags and sling bags tend to add a lot of weight on one of the shoulders. With a backpack, the weight of your bag could be evenly distributed on both shoulders. So I guess it isn’t as straining as it is if you were to sling your bag on one side of your shoulders. Backpacks are definitely the way to go for me.
I’m a minimalist and I love canvas backpacks which are sturdy, durable, functional and large enough to contain all my essentials. And I guess Gaston Luga’s Clässic fits the bill perfectly. I knew I had to get the Clässic in olive and brown because this earthy colour complements most of my outfits.


The backpack itself made out of strong durable canvas. It is very sturdy and can withstand the weight. The straps are also made out of canvas and initially, I thought that it would cause discomfort on my shoulders since the canvas strap doesn’t seem sturdy enough. But it turns out the strap was quite broad and could support the weight of the bag.


The outer zipper pocket is especially useful because that’s where I store my knick-knacks like memory cards, hair ties, name card and tissue paper. The pocket is further secured by strong magnetic strap closures which made it quite safe to put some of your valuables.


One of the special features of the backpack is the passport pocket that is found at its back. It’s a small pocket that fits your passport or wallet. For me, I like to slot my EZ-link card into this pocket which is highly accessible because I tend to travel a lot via public transport. This feature makes it really convenient for travellers who needed to store their valuables in compartments which are not within the reach of the pickpockets. If you have travelled to Europe before,  you’ll know what I’m saying.


Within the backpack, there are also two inner pockets – one big and one small. The bigger pocket in the inner compartment can hold your 13-15″ laptop with ease. It fits my MacBook perfectly.

The workmanship and quality of Gaston Luga’s bags are superb. They hailed from Stockholm, Sweden. The Clässic backpack is made with thick cotton and faux leather for durability and better water resistance while the inner lining is made with luxurious 100% cotton fabric which doesn’t tear easily apart. Because of the sturdy materials, the backpack itself weighs quite a bit. Thus, even if it is very spacious, I tend not to fill my bag with too many items or it would weigh a tonne on my shoulders.

The size of the backpack is just right for me because I could put in my cameras and other gadgets whenever I’m out travelling out and about. It’s a great companion.

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If you’re seeking for a men’s or women’s backpack recommendation, this would be it. Gaston Luga also offers various designs of stylish backpacks so do check out their website. Also, you can enjoy free shipping, 20% off as tax rebate (from a non-EU country) and 15% off with my promo code deenise on the remaining price after tax-rebate. 

Gaston Luga has just started a seasonal offer for the upcoming holiday season, in which a free leather address tag will be added to every backpack order by a customer too!This seasonal offer will be available while the leather address tags stocks last. Customers will be able to check the availability of the tags during checkout.

That’s quite a good deal.


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