Behind-The-Scenes: Video Shoot with Alba Botanica

Sometime back in June this year, I did a video collaboration with Alba Botanica Singapore where they featured me as a green living advocate who supports eco-friendly products. I was glad to collaborate with Alba Botanica in this green campaign in raising awareness about this eco-conscious movement.

The video was shot right at my house and the other scenes were shot at Hort Park. The video scenes depicted some of the green habits which I’ve been carrying out in my actual life. I used to be a vegetarian two years ago but I decided to incorporate meat into my diet due to health reasons. Despite the change in diet, I still try to eat as many greens and fruits as I can. I also enjoy eating vegan food because I always felt great after eating a healthy nutritious meal. Reducing meat consumption is what I’ve been practising to help reduce carbon footprint. More importantly, we need to start appreciating the food we obtained from the ground and try to grow them by ourselves. That is why my mum like to grow some edible plants at home. I started to enjoy gardening too as I begin to cultivate this love for gardening. It’s a mini project due to the lack of space but I am hoping that I could have my very own garden or backyard where I can plant fruit trees.


I wouldn’t say that my current lifestyle is 100% eco-friendly but I believe in taking small steps to change your lifestyle and sharing this green message with the rest of the world. That is why I decided to use my blog and other social media channels to cover on topics on sustainability, eco-conscious living and other lifestyle topics that interest me. My goal is to really help persuade others and to change their mindsets towards green living. I’ve always felt that we should live minimally and interact with our environment in a more positive manner. I felt at peace and balance when I am able to help protect this Earth which we called home.

After watching An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, I was inspired to take action in supporting this green movement and to spread the awareness of climate change. Fighting for this meaningful cause is perhaps my next goal I am working towards in life.


During the shoot, I was asked to create a salad bowl for myself. Avocado apple salad, anyone?


We also shot a scene of me wandering around Hort Park. Outdoor shoot is always the toughest because of the weather and humidity but thank goodness, it was a wrap after about an hour of shooting. I would have loved to stay longer at Hort Park in my sports attire but I was perspiring with my makeup on.


The shoot went well and it was fun working with them. More importantly, I am also glad that I was able to lend my support to an eco-conscious brand like Alba Botanica who believes in protecting this Earth to make it a safer place for us and future generations to come.

I really to work on more meaningful and inspiring projects concerning the environment and I hope you guys out there can continue to follow me on this journey to find that balance we odd to have on this planet Earth.

Special thanks to Alba Botanica for this meaningful video collaboration.

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