The Escape Artist: Not Your Usual Escape Room


I always wanted to visit The Escape Artist after playing one of the Escape games at SCAPE during an event which was organized by them. Their puzzles were challenging yet fun to solve and after playing a few rounds of Escape games, I got hooked! I never knew that it could be so engaging and it’s definitely way more fun than playing online computer games.

As compared to the other Escape rooms which I’ve gone to, The Escape Artist is more innovative with their puzzles. You may require more than just analytical and reasoning skills to solve the puzzle. Sometimes, you may require some scientific knowledge or mathematical skills to unravel the mystery. That is why you would need to play as a team!

Going through a ‘tough’ times together can sometimes strengthen the bonds between you and your teammates. This includes running away from Zombies, deactivating a bomb or tracking down a serial killer. I believe that we all have that innate curiosity in us to investigate things.

I visited The Escape Artist outlet at Harbourfront which is about 10 minutes walk from Harbourfront MRT station. You can easily spot it from a distance. Their bright wallpaper, with their logo on it, is hard to miss.

You can sign in at the counter once you have booked a room online via their website. There are four rooms in total and each room has a different game set-up. Before entering the rooms, you will be asked to store your belonging (including your mobile phones) into the lockers. No cheating! One of their staff also explained about the game itself along with the rules and cautionary measures.

We played ‘Flashpoint’ which is one of the popular games at The Escape Artist. We were tasked to deactivate a bomb. Otherwise, the alarm would sound off and ‘our lives would be a stake’.

Since there were only three of us (who were all quite ‘blur’), we thought we should go for a less challenging one. Our team was given a phone so that we can dial for help if we got stuck. Thank goodness for the helpline! We called them many times for help as we were afraid that we would run out of time. But their staff were all very friendly and patient with us. They dropped us hints so that we would solve the puzzles.

The memorable part of the game was the dark tunnel where we had to do some climbing. It was nothing too physically exhaustive but it was fun as it made the game seemed real.

Sadly, we didn’t manage to escape within the given time of 60 minutes but we went through all the puzzles with the help of their staff. Overall, it was definitely an interesting and mind-boggling activity which I wouldn’t mind doing it over and over again. This would make a fun corporate team building activity too.

Instead of heading to the mall to shop, eat or watch a movie, why not head to an Escape room for an ‘adventure-of-a-lifetime’? I mean, how often would you come face-to-face with a Dracula or zombie?


Special thanks to The Escape Artist for allowing us to crash their Escape room!

The Escape Artist 

(Harbourfront Outlet)

52 Telok Blangah Road, Telok Blangah House, #01-01

Singapore 098829

6646 0357

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