A Wellness Retreat @ Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore : Nourish Your Body, Mind and Soul


Wellness retreats are getting really popular these days. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to fly to Thailand or Bali just to enjoy some quiet moments. Because right now, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore is now offering a curated selection of wellness experiences that integrate stays, dining, meetings, spa and activities. Their luscious garden landscape deemed fit for anyone who just wants to enjoy a short getaway from the bustling city centre.

I was there the last weekend to experience their bespoke staycation package entitled ‘Choose Wellness’. This wellness retreat allows you to select nutritious culinary offerings and holistic activities, led by experts in their respective fields, to encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle. You are able to select the type of wellness activities that interest you the most. In a way, it allows you to customize your very own wellness retreat package that suits your needs and interests. For instance, if you are into healthy eating, you could attend the wellness cooking class taught by the hotel’s wellness chef where you will learn how to create healthy and nutritious dishes like Seasonal Wellness Sushi Platter, Beet and Spinach Salad or Rainbow Trout with Wild Seaweed Salad. This would be a great opportunity to learn more about healthy cooking and nutrition from their in-house wellness chef. And if you’re into fitness, you could opt for a 90-minute Mentoring in Mindfulness class led by a KRI-certified Kundalini yogi. During this private coaching session, you will learn more about how yoga could benefit your body and the various kinds of yoga poses which could help improve your body and health conditions. In addition to that, you could also join their complimentary Sunrise yoga (held every Sunday at 8 am) or AquaSpin classes. There are really so many activities going on at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore to keep you healthy, relaxed and rejuvenated.

For me, I need a relaxing staycation as I was feeling physically tired especially after work. So I opted for their wellness through rejuvenation and healing experience where I enjoyed an hour long of Bespoke Massage at CHI spa. Their expert therapist provided me with one of the best spa massage experiences which I’ve had in Singapore. I had several tight knots in my shoulders and back. Under her skilful hands, I felt so much more relaxed and had a good night’s sleep that day.

I also had a chance to tour the property and checked out Shangri-La Hotel’s newly-revamped Tower Wing. Their new Lobby Lounge, which features a spacious indoor garden paradise, adds character to the hotel. I was welcomed by the stunning installation of thousands of stylised metallic leaves as I entered the Tower Wing. Thanks to that basalt rock of lush tropical ferns and mosses that releases fresh oxygen and acts as natural air filters, the air inside the hotel smells fresh, lovely and crisp. To me, it smells exactly like ‘vacation’ here.


I stayed in a Club Deluxe Room located on the 18th floor at the Tower Wing. I also had access to the Horizon Club Lounge which is located on the 24th floor. At their newly-renovated Club Lounge, I was able to get an unparalleled panorama view of the beautiful city skyline. This tastefully-designed enclave is one of the best club lounges which I’ve been to. The food is exceptional and the service is impeccable. The Shangri-La experience is undeniably a lavish and memorable one.


Books signify wisdom. I love that books and magazines found displayed prominently in the Club Lounge because it does give you that homely feel. You could just lounge comfortably here just like how you would back in your living room.


These are real fresh herbs used to garnish the food. Over here, they practised farm-to-table concept too.


At Shangri-La, you’ll get a taste of what true extravagance is like. How about a dispensing some fine wine into your glass using their automated wine dispenser?


The food standard here in Shangri-La is superb. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a huge hotel that is able to offer an excellent quality of food throughout. None of the dishes served here at the Club Lounge falls short of my expectations.

I have to say that the food served at The Line was exceptional too. Given a choice, I would prefer to have breakfast at The Line due to the greater variety of food offered there. There’ also a wellness section at The Line where you can find healthy breakfast treats like chia seed pudding, oats and other vegan-friendly options during the buffet breakfast. Yes, there is no doubt that this is a vegan-friendly hotel.


I love that they provide fresh cold-pressed juices which are great for a body detox. They also serve healthy snacks like nuts and oat cookies.

The lounge is open 24/7 so if hunger pangs set in, you could at least grab an apple or some milk to fill your stomach. They also do offer non-dairy milk like soy and coconut milk.


After a quick afternoon tea at the Club Lounge, we checked into our Club Deluxe room which has an unusual room layout. It is more of a pentagonally-shaped room where  you are able to have a full view of the room from the door. I guess it allows you to have a quick look through of the room to see if you have left anything behind before checking out. The unique design of the room also allows the natural light to flood into the room through the tall windows and this saves energy.

I especially love the earthy tones of the room interior. It evokes that feeling of rootedness and it complements with the tropical theme of the hotel.


We found a welcome note with a plate of fresh fruits and a box of chocolates. A welcome gift with a personalized touch never fails to put a smile on our faces.


The hotel’s tropical vibes extend to their hotel exterior as well. There are plenty of green spaces within the hotel grounds where you just walk barefoot on the grass or take a walk into their gardens near the pool.


You have to check out their iconic 7-metres tall orchid green house called The Orchid. There are at least 25 species of orchids housed in it and this space is often used for private dining.


It also makes a lovely photo spot where you can capture an Instagram-worthy shot of yourself against a beautiful backdrop of orchids.


There’s so much to see and do at Shangri-La and we wished we had more time to experience some of the activities there. It was already time for spa by the time we visited some of the green spaces within the hotel.


I’ve been to CHI spa before and I was so glad to be back there again for another enjoyable massage session. The spa also has a changing room equipped with showering facilities and a steam room.


When the evening falls, this place looked even more charming with the warm glowy lights. We enjoyed a sumptuous dinner at an Italian restaurant called The Waterfall which is just beside the pool. Their menu also has vegan and vegetarian options. Their serving portions are huge so their dishes are definitely good for sharing.


We took a night stroll within the hotel before heading back to our rooms to rest and sleep. A staycation is as good as going to the nearby country for a short holiday or retreat. In fact doing staycations help lower your carbon footprint as you wouldn’t have to take a plane or ferry to travel to a foreign land. Also, you would probably have more time to enjoy the wonderful facilities offered in the hotel.


Start with your day right with some exercise. I wanted to go for a run around the hotel after I found this jogger’s map place in the drawer underneath the desk. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily that morning! Thus, I went to their 24-hour gym instead for a quick run on the treadmill.

It is really thoughtful of them to come up with a jogger’s map for the guests to bring it along with them during their runs. This is especially great for tourists who might not know the roads well in Singapore.


Since we couldn’t clock in any exercise, we decided to head over to the Club Lounge for a healthy breakfast. I enjoy their oatmeal porridge which goes well with strawberries and nuts. We also head over to the buffet breakfast at The Line to check out what they offer. They do have local breakfast delights like Roti Prata and Laksa as well as other international cuisines too. There’s also this ‘Eat-well’ section where you can find all those fancy healthy treats made with superfoods like Chia seeds and goji berries. I noticed that it is quite a popular section among the guests here because the food wiped out really fast! Not to mention that it’s one of the best buffet breakfast I had so far!


Overall, I was very impressed with the Shangri-La experience. In particular, their food, service and their dedication in improving the well-being of their guests. I heard that there are more of such wellness retreats and packages to come. Ready to pamper yourself with a wellness retreat which you truly deserved? More details are provided below.


Choose Wellness

Starting from SGD 690, you can book a Garden Wing Deluxe Room, a Tower Wing Grand Premier Room, or other room categories, for at least two nights for two guests, inclusive of welcome drink and breakfast at The Line, and choose two wellness experiences per guest such as a 90-minute private yoga session led by a KRI-certified Kundalini yogi, or wellness cooking class taught by the hotel’s wellness chef. The Choose Wellness room package is available until 30 December 2017.  A 90-minute private yoga session led by a KRI-certified Kundalini yogi.

Wellness Experiences:

  • A 90-minute private yoga session led by a KRI-certified Kundalini yogi A wellness cooking class taught by the hotel’s wellness chef.
  • A 90-minute Mentoring in Mindfulness class led by a KRI-certified Kundalini yogi.
  • A 60-minute functional movement and strength assessment by a professional fitness coach.
  • A 60-minute CHI, The Spa treatment of choice.
  • A private seasonal four-course Wellness dinner menu by the hotel’s wellness chef at The Waterfall Restaurant or the private Banyan Deck, subject to availability and weather conditions.

A dedicated wellness ambassador will be available at all times to assist in the planning of your stay throughout.

For room reservations and further information, please email reservations.sls@shangri-la.com, call +65 6737 3644 or visit www.shangri-la.com/singapore/shangrila/offers/section/rooms-suites/details/rooms-suites/choose- wellness/ 

For more information, visit http://www.shangri-la.com/singapore.

Also, catch a glimpse of Shangri-La over here.

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