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Honey is one of those ingredients that nature has blessed us with. It is a remarkable healing agent in itself and there is a multitude of health benefits associated with this golden dew. The scientific community has long believed that honey is a source of prebiotics but there haven’t been any human clinical studies to support this. Australia-based Capilano Honey had invested in developing industry-first testing methods to identify honey that deliver this prebiotic content. After much testing and research, Capilano Honey has the launch of the world’s first clinically-tested honey with naturally occurring prebiotics, Beeotic®.  Beeotic® is basically 100% pure Australian honey that contained required prebiotic components. Nothing else is added to the honey.  It is also free of additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, refined sugars and gluten.

So what does prebiotics do? And what’s the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics introduce good bacteria into your gut while prebiotics is specialized plant fibre that acts as a fertilizer for your good bacteria to grow. In other words, prebiotics helps to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio.  Both are as important.

Initially, I thought that Beeotic® contains added prebiotics but actually, it’s just a type of natural honey that naturally contains a higher amount of prebiotics which would help to boost your digestive health. So taste-wise, it tastes like pure honey.


The clinical study done by Capilano showed a dose of 14ml of Beeotic® honey per day improved the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut. It nourishes beneficial bacteria, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, while suppresses the harmful bacteria, Clostridium in the gut.Facing some digestive problems? Maybe all you’ll need is to include honey into your diet. You can add them in your tea, cereal, muesli or smoothies. I like to add it into my smoothie bowls.

Unlike types of regular honey, Beeotic® has a prebiotic content which has been shown to improve the good-to-bad bacteria ratio in your gut. Beeotic® is tested, packaged, labelled and sold as a therapeutic product.


Beeotic® is halal-certified and is recommended for children 12 months and up.

As with all pure honey, Beeotic® may contain traces of pollen so please be aware of this if you have allergies to certain flora or bees.

Beeotic® is now available in all leading supermarkets (NTUC, Giant and Cold Storage) in Singapore in two BPA-free PET variants: 340g jar (RSP with GST: $16.80) and 500g upside down (RSP with GST:$22.00). 

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