Hiruscar : A Gentler Way of Controlling Acne


Now that I’ve temporarily stopped doing facials for a while, I have been paying extra attention to my skin condition. Occasionally, I do have pimples every now and then so I’ve been using anti-acne products bought from our local drugstores. Some work relatively well while others didn’t improve my skin condition.

Recently, I’ve been trying Hiruscar’s new Anti-Acne range, a dermatological skin care formulated especially for acne prone skin. This range includes the following three products:

  • Hiruscar Anti-Acne Pore Purifying cleanser
  • Hiruscar Anti-Acne Pore Purifying serum
  • Hiruscar Anti-Acne Pore spot gel


These drug store products were surprisingly quite effective! The product does live up to its claim that you would be able to see improvement in 2 days when you use their products. At least for me, it is quite effective as my large pimple on my cheek eventually dried and fall off (as you will see in the photos below later).  I have been using these three products concurrently at the same time together with my daily moisturizer. The redness in my skin has subsided and I felt that my acne condition is more controlled right now.

Previously, I’ve been using products which contain astringents and a higher amount of anti-acne chemicals like salicylic acids which tend to dry up the skin. I guess why Hiruscar works because it contains skin healing ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin C and chamomile extracts in addition to the anti-acne ingredient, Salicylic acid. As a result, the formula turns out to be more gentle on the skin and it doesn’t cause the skin to be so dry but moist and well-balanced.

So how does each product functions?


Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Cleanser ($14.90)

This water-based gel cleanser has a gentle formulation which deeply cleanses the skin without drying it. The cleanser effectively removes excess dirt and sebum. It also balances the skin’s moisture. It is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis and it has a pleasant scent. I enjoy using this cleanser a lot because my skin still feels moist and supple after cleansing.


Hiruscar Anti Acne Pore Purifying Serum ($39.90)

The serum is actually a light-weight moisturizer for acne prone skin. It reduces excessive sebum which can cause acne formation and tightens pores. Since my skin tends to get quite dry, I would also apply my own daily moisturizer right after applying this serum to hydrate my skin. The serum has got quite a queer scent but it is still bearable.


Hiruscar Anti-Acne Spot Gel ($19.90)

This is probably the hero product that flattens out my pimple. This spot gel reduces acne problems like blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.It contains salicylic acid for anti-acne benefits, Vitamin C derivative to lighten acne spots and dark marks and MPS (Mucopolysaccharide polysulfate) to maintain skin’s moisture. It also contains Allium Cepa which is an antiseptic extract that prevents scar proliferation. The last thing you want to have on your skin after an acne episode is scar marks so it is great that the product includes ingredients that reduce scar formation.

You can apply this spot gel two to three times daily over the affected areas.


I had this pimple last Wednesday, on the day I came back from Bintan. I used all three products religiously but I applied a generous amount of the spot gel over this pimple on my cheek. Two days later, on Friday, my pimple dried up and the scab came off. I was pretty impressed that this drugstore product, with a gentle formula, actually do work without causing any dryness or discomfort to my skin.


Hiruscar Anti Acne Range is retailing in selected Watsons and Guardian stores.

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