I Can Do All Things Through Jesus Who Strengthens Me


“I can do all things through Jesus who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

I needed this reminder every single day that I can’t but with Jesus, I can. It has been quite some time ever since I’ve dedicated a post just to share more about my updates and thoughts.


Updates? I’ve been freeing myself from several responsibilities lately and it felt great. It looks like I’m right on track about gearing towards a clutter-free life with God leading right in front of me. I’m definitely still at the crosspoint, wondering whether to risk doing what I love or opt for a stable career. Nonetheless, whichever path I chose, I knew God would love and bless me, as always.

A way to remind me of God’s promise is real to His word present literally everywhere – on your working desk, bedroom, handphone wallpaper and even the bathroom. I guess another way is to wear a necklace or a small piece of jewellery with His word engraved on it. I prefer wearing a bracelet so I decided to go ‘bracelet/band’ hunting. A beautiful piece which caught my eyes was this rose gold band by J & Co Foundry with the bible verse engraved on it. It’s not too expensive and it’s within my budget. I am so in love with this minimalistic-looking rose gold band.

I could look at it all day and be reminded of my source of strength.


It looked kinda of daint and small but actually, it fits my wrist perfectly. Since the metal band is malleable, it would be adjusted to fit your wrist.


This verse band is by J & Co Foundry. I decided to check out their website and they do have a collection of Christian-inspired jewellery.


It’s pretty dainty and compliments my fair skin.


Thank God, I got the Rose Gold instead of the silver one.


They’ve got bands of various bible verses to choose from.


The price? Affordable or expensive? I got this from The Rock bookstore at The Star Vista.


God blesses me. God blesses you.

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