Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens By The Bay


It’s a pity we can’t experience the four seasons here but you can have a feel and glimpse of what autumn is like at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay. Mid-Autumn Festival will also be celebrated in its full splendour over here at Gardens by the Bay.

The ‘Autumn Harvest’ floral display (1 September to 29 October 2017) is truly one-of-its-kind. Be greeted by a lavish flower field saturated in rich hues of orange, red, gold and green. The autumn is a beautiful season which is mingled with a certain melancholy as it signifies the coming of winter. But interestingly, it is also a time of celebration and the harvesting of crops. In some cultures, people would give thanks for their fruits of the land and offer prayers for future abundance. Pumpkin is one of the foods which are harvested in autumn and that explains pumpkins are featured here. You’ll also get to see and learn about the various varieties of pumpkins like Atlantic Giant, Jarrahdale, Knucklehead and Polar bear pumpkin.

The most interesting pumpkin I saw was the knucklehead pumpkin which is covered by varying amounts of warts, scabs and bumps. It looked like it is diseased but in fact, it is perfectly normal. It is regarded as a top class pumpkin and has several culinary uses too!

Apart from the big fleshy pumpkins, there are also popular fall perennials like the red and yellow chrysanthemums, helenium, callunas and phloxes. Also, spot the 6-metre-tall giant made up of various fruits and vegetables! It looks pretty queer but definitely worth taking a shot with it.


This autumn floral display of pumpkins also ties in nicely with Halloween. Trick or treats?


You will also spot some pumpkins which are painted too. We had an opportunity to paint some pumpkins with The Party Elves too! Check out the pictures below to see how our painted pumpkins look like!


Fee-fi-fo-fum… have you spotted the queer-looking giant?






Time to get Artsy-Fartsy!


This weighs at least 4 or 5 kilograms and it was REAL heavy!



Special thanks to Gardens by the Bay for inviting us to participate in this pumpkin painting event. 

Gardens by the Bay

Flower Dome

18 Marina Gardens Drive

Singapore 018953

Opens daily from 9 am to 9 pm

Last ticket sale: 8.00pm

Last admission: 8.30pm

For more information, visit http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/.

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