Should You Get Travel Insurance?

Should You Get Travel Insurance?


When it comes to travel insurance, is there really a need to purchase? If you don’t have a life insurance, you should buy a travel insurance especially if you are travelling to places alone or to places where you might be doing high-risk sports or activities.

With so many types of travel insurance plans out there, which plan should you choose? It is important to purchase travel insurance only from trusted and reliable insurance companies. Reading through online reviews and feedback on the various insurance companies had helped me in narrowing down my choices.

One of the more reliable insurance companies in Singapore is AXA. And only recently, AXA has partnered up exclusively with SingPost to form AXA@POST which offers outstanding insurance solutions to meet your personal and business needs. A couple of weeks before my Bintan trip, I decided to purchase a SmartTraveller insurance from AXA@POST which would cover me during the trip.

Once you enter their website, you will only need to fill up the basic travel details and then select the types of travel insurance plan you prefer.

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There are two different types of travel insurance policy plans. Depending on the nature of your holiday trip, you could choose between the Essential plan or the Comprehensive Plan which offers more coverage. It is good to read through both plans and make comparisons between both plans to see which policy plan suits you better. I like how they organized the information on their website in a way that allows me to make comparisons easily at a glance.

You can also customize your insurance plan and purchase what you’ll only need. Under the add-on optional section, you can purchase coverage for golf equipment, sports equipment, pet care or rental car excess. And if you don’t need coverage for that, you can just proceed with the essential plan which covers the basic policy coverage like medical expenses (up to $600,000), protection for lost or damaged belongings (up to $10,000) and leisure sports cover. The personal accident cover actually starts before the trip. Just in case if you fall sick before the trip and could not go for the trip, you would still be able to claim insurance to cover for the lost. That is also why I usually purchase travel insurance way ahead before the trip.

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For me, I chose the basic plan as it was only a short trip to Bintan and I don’t foresee myself engaging in any sort of adventurous activities except for a short boat ride to another island in Bintan. Within just 5 minutes, I bought my travel insurance plan online with just a few clicks.

Purchasing travel insurance does give me that added assurance that I would be covered for in case any unexpected accidents really do happen. Life is unpredictable and I wouldn’t mind paying just a little more to be insured during my holiday trip.

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