The Minimalistic Haircut


I have been having really bad hair days for months and just a couple of days back, I decided that I should really head to a professional salon and get a proper haircut. My hairdo back then was out of shape and it was kind of difficult to manage my long frizzy and dry hair. My friend has recommended me 99 Percent Hair Studio at Bedok Point where they had pretty good experienced hairstylist. Heading to that salon and getting a haircut was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Why 99 Percent? Did you notice how their logo is formed with the digits ‘9’ with the other being flipped across to form a similar shape to a pair of scissors? How creative!


The salon looks swanky new because it just open at Bedok Point not too long ago and it has adopted a minimalistic interior with all the hair tools and products kept neatly away and out of sight. It was a weekday afternoon so I get all the attention of my hairstylist. The best time to visit a salon is during non-peak hours so that you could get your hair done properly and quickly.


The salon also provides make up and nails services. There’s a manicure corner for their customers to get their hands and nails pampered at the same time while they get their hair done there. Killing two birds with one stone?


I appreciate the fact that the salon was very well-kept and the hair that has fallen to the ground was immediately swept away. I’ve been to some hair salons where the workstations can get very untidy after it has been used and the stylists did not make an effort to clean up the area after each customer.

It is also a plus that they served hot tea together with some biscuits just in case you might want a nibble while they are styling your hair.  These days, a hair salon visit can take hours. That day, I spent about 3 hours there to have a haircut and treatment.


After analyzing the condition of my hair, my hairstylist, Matt recommended that I trimmed off my damaged ends and go for a short bob hairstyle. I agreed right away because I wanted a low-maintenance type of hairstyle and I wasn’t afraid of getting my long tresses chopped off. In fact, I love short haircuts because it suits my face shape and it made me look very chic and younger at the same time.


Matt also recommended that I do the texture-control hair treatment which not only conditions the hair but it also helps to straighten the hair so that my hair would look less frizzy. I didn’t know that there are such hair treatments which could help straighten out the hair temporary. It’s a perfect combination of hair rebonding and treatment especially if you do not want your hair to look like it is ironed out flat like a sheet of paper. I’m glad that I tried out this treatment because the results is pretty good.


Matt first my hair before proceeding on with the hair treatment which was carried out in two steps. Over here, they use Wella products for their hair treatment. They used a combination of Wella’s straightening cream and hydrating hair mask during the treatment. Since the hair rebonding agents have some ammonia in it, my hair did have a slight ammonia smell after the treatment. The smell eventually dampened after each subsequent hair wash.


After the first application, the stylist wash and blew dry my hair straight. After ironing out my unruly hair, they applied another hair mask to further condition the hair. After washing and blowing, they did a final haircut to trim and frayed ends. End results? Super soft and shiny tresses!


More importantly, my hair remains smooth and looks healthy for the next few days. And it is definitely more manageable now but I don’t have to use much hair products during shampooing and styling. It’s so much easier to comb and brush my hair as well.

What is a mnimalistic haircut? It would be a short and straight hairstyle, just like mine.


Before the haircut and treatment,  I had a shoulder length hair which was all frizzy, untamed and dry.  These hair woes drive me crazy on some days.


Using the right hair products and maintenance is key. To maintain a healthy hair shine, I was asked to apply hair mask on a weekly basis just to keep the hair cuticle smooth and moisturize.

Have you had a hair transformation before? A change is always good.

The prices of hair cut by Senior Stylist start from $29 and the texture-control hair treatment starts from $239. 

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