GUAVAPASS: Is it worth it?


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If you don’t like the idea of heading to the same gym for group workouts by the same instructors and prefer trying out a variety of workouts, then  GuavaPass might be something you are looking for. It’s a fitness pass that allows you to have to access a curated list of fitness studios in Singapore. Depending on the type of  GuavaPass membership you purchased, you can either go for the umlimited number of classes or a fixed number of classes per month.

I gave this fitness app a go for a month and it was a pleasant experience except for the technical issues I had with the app. GuavaPass also started GuavaLabs, a co-wellness space at Downtown Gallery. It’s a pretty cool fitness space with great amenities. You must check it out if you haven’t!

So what’s my take on the Guava Pass?

This app brings about convenience. I can book classes via the app with just one click and cancel classes up to a day before the scheduled class if I could not make it. There are so many classes to choose from – Zumba, Pilates, yoga, callisthenics, circuit training to pole dancing. However, most of the fitness studios were located within CBD area or on the East side of Singapore. Also, there were more yoga classes offered via the app than any other type of fitness classes. This app is more favourable to yogis.

What’s my experience like at some of the fitness studios?

So far, I’ve only tried classes at AnthemFreedom Yoga and GuavaLabs.  I would try to choose those studios which have shower facilities and bath amenities so that I do not have to worry about bringing a towel, shampoo, bath gel or a padlock.


1) Anthem Indoor Cycling Studio

Anthem Indoor cycling studio has a beautiful interior. It is about a 10-minute walk away from Clarke Quay MRT. Morning weekend classes are less packed. Most importantly, the cycling studio is kept clean and they provide indoor cycling shoes with cleats. They also provide free lockers, towels, shampoo and bath gel.


2) Freedom Yoga (Holland Village Branch)

Freedom Yoga (Holland Village) is located on the second floor, above Project Acai. I joined one of their afternoon hot yoga classes and it turns out that I was the only participant for that class. I had all the attention from the instructor who helped guide me in my movements and poses. The rooms were small but clean and yoga mats were provided. There were showering facilities, toilets and lockers too.


3) GuavaLabs


This newly-built co-wellness space is impressive! I attended one of GuavaLabs’s signature workout classes – STILL boxing – a stand-alone boxing concept. Each participant has their own aqua punching bags. This boxing class left my body aching all over! Boxing gloves were provided but you will need to bring your own wraps.  This class involves some real punching and kicking!

After going through all the drills, we did some strength training and stretching exercises. It’s a high calorie-burning class and I have lost quite a bit of water weight during the class. My legs looked so much slimmer after class! That’s the kind of effective exercise you want to do on a weekly basis. I am quite sure I will be back for more STILL boxing classes in future.


There’s also a fitness space equipped with all the latest and newest functional training equipment.


They also housed a studio for dance, yoga and other fitness classes.


There are shower facilities at GuavaLabs. Lockers and bath amenities are provided but towels are chargeable at $1. There’s also a vanity area where you can style your hair and also hydrate your skin with some of the beauty products provided.


The GuavaPass membership which I’ve tried allows me to attend 4 classes a month for $99. Each class works out to be about $25. It is quite reasonably priced. But if you would like to go for unlimited classes, you should get the unlimited monthly pass which costs $179 which is comparable to the price of a gym membership in Singapore. GuavaPass provides you with the flexibility to try out other fitness studios unlike the bigger gyms here in Singapore.

Do you GUAVA? Let me know in the comments below if you have tried it before!

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