Lewin Terrace: Autumn Menu 2017


Lewin Terrace is one of the most romantic and exclusive places to dine in Singapore. With an opportunity to dine at this Japanese-French fusion restaurant to try out their autumn menu, I was (pun-intended) over the moon!

It is not a difficult to find this place, which is actually just a flight of steps away from Singapore Philatelic Museum. There are signs that would direct you up to this beautiful restaurant which is surrounded by the lush greenery of Fort Canning Park. This restaurant is housed in a gorgeous colonial-style white bungalow, that was once the former residence of the Chief who headed the Central Fire Station on Hill Street. It’s a charming place with a historical value to it.

This fine dining restaurant is helmed by a talented team of culinary professionals, which includes Director Mr Kosuke Shima and Chef de Cuisine Hiroyuki Shinkai. For this coming fall menu, they have come up with an elegant 5-course and 7-course menus.

We tried their 5-course Sho-Mi Autumn menu, featuring sophisticated dishes prepared by Chef Hiroyuki Shinkai. The degustation dining experience was an exceptional one, especially when it came to the desserts prepared right before our eyes with scorching hot flames.


The pathway leading up to one of the most serene and romantic places in Singapore.


Thank goodness our Singapore grounds aren’t that hilly.


It’s a different world up there.


Check out the beautiful interior of the restaurant!





Private dining room





5-course Sho-Mi Autumn Menu



We had soft warm buns, served in linen bags filled with some hot stones to keep the bread warm. When the buns are warm, the yuzu-miso butter melts nicely onto the bread. This really whets my appetite for what was to come.



Obsiblue Tartare, Dragon Fruit, Cucumber and Prawn Jelly

This refreshing appetizer comprises of a tomato consommé, jellified into a sphere and perched at the top of the small pile of sliced pomelo, shallots, cucumber, dragon fruit and kaki purée.


Half Boiled Egg, Mini Onion Confit, Truffle and Madeira Sauce

My favourite on the menu has to be this wonton-like half boiled egg that oozes out golden lava – better than any salted-egg yolk dishes.



Roast Venison, Cassis Mustard, Pasta and Red Cabbage

The slices of roast venison are sous vide to perfection, with the meat evenly cooked. The fruity juniper berry sauce and red cabbage, seasoned with sherry vinegar and garlic, complements so well with the roast venison.


Chitose Strawberry Crepe with Vanilla Ice Cream

This decadently light dessert, with homemade vanilla ice cream, strawberry jam made with Chitose strawberries and a hazelnut liqueur jelly, topped with a hazelnut tuille, was truly delightful. The crepe was further cooked with dancing flames before being served onto your plate. It is like watching a magician performing with a ring of fire to wow the crowd. It was an entertaining and satisfying experience.


It was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. If you are going to propose to the girl of your dreams, this is where you could set her heart on fire.

New Autumn menu is available from 1st September until 30th November 2017.


Lewin Terrace 

21 Lewin Terrace

Singapore 179290

(The main entrance to Lewin Terrace is located up the stairs, through the red gates to the left of the Singapore Philatelic Museum (23-B Coleman Street, Singapore 179807).


Operating Hours:
Tues – Sun: 12 – 3pm. 6 30 – 11pm


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