Save The Polar Bears with Bamboo Tissues


Whenever I shared my passion in eco-conscious living, the first question thrown right back at me was this – Do Singaporeans really care about the environment? You see, I am not too concern about the number of people who is into green living. What matters most is the number of changes I observed each day as the people taking actions to move towards sustainable living. The movers and shakers of this world, who rose up to the challenge and start a green business, are the ones that really got me excited. Every single day, I would come across news about a new biodegradable product or new recycling programmes in schools on Facebook. Yes, some may deem us as nonchalant but not anymore. Is there a green future in Singapore? Yes!

Green businesses like ALPS Group Singapore took a bold step to create a safe and more sustainable bathroom tissues which are also made affordable for all. These tissues are made from bamboo that has a smaller carbon footprint as compared to cutting down trees. They came up with Dr Blanc, an Antibacterial range of bamboo tissues that are bleached without the use of chlorine. Cloversoft is the other well-known brand which offers 100% premium unbleached tissue which is biodegradable and FSC certified.


Why is bamboo sustainable?

This hardy plant grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3 to 5 years. On the hand, woody plants like trees take a longer time to grow. The production of bamboo fibres has a lower environmental impact as compared to synthetic fibres. In addition, bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers so that makes it a safer choice of material to use. In fact, bamboo could also be used to make clothes and I own bamboo clothing pieces too!


Do you know why Cloversoft tissues have pictures of adorable Polar bears on its packaging? That’s because Cloversoft is an official partner of the Polar Bears International. Alps Group donates a portion of the sales to Polar Bear International to support their cause and mission. Polar bears suffer the most when the earth temperature rises and the ice caps start to melt. With global warming, many polar bears have been reported to die of starvation as they are unable to hunt in the absence of sea ice.


These bamboo tissues are of great quality and the texture felt similar to regular tissues. I really hope that we would all switch to bamboo tissues one day so as to reduce the rate of deforestation! If there’s a better alternative, why not?


Cloversoft offers unbleached bamboo facial tissues, organic anti-bacterial wipes, party napkins, baby cloth wipes, pocket tissues and toilet tissues. They basically got it all covered. I personally enjoy using their wet wipes because it is very durable and absorbent. It is also baby-friendly which makes it safe for people across all ages.

Support local!

Where do you get your tissue supply from?

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