Singapore Science Centre : Is it Worth A Visit?


Now, when was the last time you’ve visited Singapore Science Centre? We would have been there at least once in our lifetime when we are still a kid in school. I remembered vividly about the chicken egg incubator where you could watch little chicks hatching out from the eggs! Fast forward to today, the Science Centre has gone through some transformation especially with its exhibitions. But on the outside, the strikingly orange-white building didn’t even change one bit.


It is definitely worth a visit knowing that there are new exhibitions and installations at Singapore Singapore Centre. We went there about a month ago and we spent about a couple of hours roaming the grounds. This place is huge and there are several interactive booth and stations. It may not be as modernistic as compared to our state-of-the-art museums in town but it is definitely worth a visit.


The Mind’s eye exhibit is all about illusions and human perception. You’ll be relying on your eyes and brain to solve a puzzle.


What do you see?


Magic shadows created by this Lego block is fascinating. This lego block can cast three unique shadows at various angles. Do you see a butterfly?


You’ll have a taste of what Trick Eye Museum is all about here. There are several wonderful photo opportunities here!


It’s a talking vase. Look carefully and you’ll know what I mean.


The colourless room is actually colourful but when monochromatic light interferes, everything seems like it has an Instagram filter over it. Flash white light to reveal the real colours!


My favourite exhibit is Professor Crackitts Light Fantastic where you would have to figure your way out through the maze! Be careful though as you might bump into mirrors.



You will get to be a Scientist for a day at their open-concept DIY lab where you will be able to observe thought-provoking Science experiments.



We also happen to stumble open this Cyberwellness exhibit meant for children. It occupies almost the whole of level 2! There are some interactive games for children to play as they pick up some knowledge about cyber wellness.


Not too long ago they had Marvel heroes exhibit here so that explains why we are seeing Mr.Hulk which seems to appear out of nowhere.


Do you remember this large electrifying structure at Science centre? It does releases static electricity into the air so … beware!


These chicken incubator still remains! Oh, this really brings back memories!


After you’ve toured the exhibit, do drop by their eco-garden which is found right behind the Science Centre. There might be some bugs lurking around so do look at where your foot is.


Have you been to Singapore Science Centre recently? Let me know what are your thoughts!

Singapore Science Centre

15 Science Centre Road

Singapore 609081

Tel: (65) 6425-2500

Fax: (65) 6565-9533

Opening Hours:

Daily (10 am – 6 pm)

Last admission at 5.15 pm

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