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Move over waffles! Egglets are here to stay. Here at Chatuchak Thai Milk Tea and Coffee, they offer some of the most insta-worthy egglets, paired with ice-cream and fancy toppings, that not only look but also taste great as well. No, we’re talking about the busiest market in Bangkok, but a Thai Milk Tea stall located right at Icon Village in Singapore’s busiest CBD area.

The Chatuchak Egglets are best paired with their Thai Milk tea and coffee specialities. Like the Thais, the people behind Chatuchak Thai Tea have certainly come up with the most creative menu. With items like Thai Green Cocoa (a blend of green tea and chocolate) and as savoury egglet flavours, I couldn’t resist their fancy pairings. It certainly did not disappoint.


Thai milk tea often tastes very sweet but not the ones served here at Chatuchak. You can request for a less sugar, according to your liking. Without the overpowering sweetness, I could taste the aroma and natural bitterness of the tea leaves. For the health-conscious folks, this is where you can this enjoy authentic Thai beverage without compromise.


The art of making egglets is a painstaking one, in order for them to churn out those crispy hot delicacies. I ordered both original and charcoal versions that both come with a layer of cheese.

Egglets are made with fresh milk (from Thailand), fresh eggs, premium grade flour with no preservatives added. All other ingredients, including tea leaves, are also from Thailand.


They are pretty generous with their ingredients. Proof of that is the pool of egglet mix at the bottom of the maker.


Can you imagine how a cheese egglet smells like? It would definitely attract a crowd were a stall to be set up at Geylang Serai or any hipster markets selling these.


Once the egglet is cooked, they have to carefully roll it out of the pan, shaping it into a cone so as to enclose a scoop of ice-cream of your choice.


There are currently 5 ice cream flavours to choose from – coconut, mango, Thai milk tea, Thai green tea and chocolate. For us, we went with coconut and Thai milk tea. I mean, when it comes to Thai street food, you have to go for their popular local flavours right?


To round it up, chocolate sauce is drizzled all over the scoop of ice cream, studded with Fruity Pebbles and Pocky sticks. However, looks can be deceiving. These desserts, though sinful in appearance, actually didn’t taste as sweet because there was a good balance of savoury from the cheese.


Cheer someone up with these pretty Chatuchak egglets today!

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Chatuchak Thai Tea

12 Gopeng Street


Icon Village

Singapore 078877

Monday to Friday: 08:00am – 08:00pm

Saturday / PH: 10:00am – 06:00pm

Sunday: Closed

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