The Vegan Thriller Burger


Any plans for the upcoming Halloween? For my vegan and non-vegan friends, there’s a little quiet place (eco-friendly too!) in Eunos where you can enjoy a spooky fun time. Let’s go plant-based for this spooktacular season with VeganBurg as they introduced their hauntingly delicious Thriller burger, Frizzy fries and Witch’s Kiwi Brew.

The Thriller burger consists of an ‘evil-looking’ charcoal buns, crispy plant-protein plant-based GMO-free patty, fresh romaine lettuce, red onion rings, tomatoes, topped with dairy-free aioli and BBQ sauce.

If you order the Thriller burger meal, it comes with the Frizzy fries and Witch’s Kiwi Brew.

After I ordered the Thriller Burger meal at the counter, their staff emerged from the kitchen with this black tray that has smoke erupting from it. Was it on fire? Thankfully, not. It’s just dry ice inserted underneath the tray that makes it seems more bewitching.


The burger patty tasted like actual meat patty and not to mention their warm crispy fries actually drove me crazy that night. It looked no different from curly fries and it tasted so much more delicious than regular straight-cut fries!

Your drink will be served in a strawberry “blood” rimmed cup where you will fill the cup with any of the three drinks available at the counter.

The burger with the fries was enough to fill any Dracula up for the night.


The Thriller Burger is priced at $10.90 and priced at $15.80 as a meal. It will be available for a limited time only at Jalan Eunos outlet in Singapore. Try it before Lord Voldemort destroys it all!

44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419502
Open daily from 11:30 AM – 10 PM

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