Triaction by Triumph : The Most Comfortable Sports Bra



I am trembling with excitement as I write this post. I think I’ve just found the most comfortable sports bra to date. Wearing a sports bra is a must for me because I enjoy doing cardio, which requires more chest support. Most sports bras don’t lend much of that, and instead, make up for it by tightening up your chest area to keep your bust secure. Sometimes it can get too uncomfortable especially during workouts. Triaction by Triumph has stepped up their game by using their expertise in bra lingerie to come up with the most functional sports bra that could rival well-known sports brands that produce quality sportswear for women – without compromising on comfort

Credit: Triumph

This Autumn/Winter 2017 Triaction by Triumph features two stylish sports bra collections – cardio (Control Lite) and studio (Magic motion). All Triaction bras have extreme bounce control and are certified by a world-renowned research group in breast health at the University of Portsmouth. That explains why I could move freely and comfortably in these bras.


I tried on the Magic motion sports bra under the studio collection. It is a padded sports bra which is ideal for low-intensity and toning activities. It features Triumph’s innovative soft-touch Magic Wire Air that offers extra comfort and bounce control. Light padding provides a beautiful shape to your bust, unlike the normal sports bra which tends to flatten out the chest. The cups are perforated for superior ventilation and the smart fabric has dry-fit properties. It also features feminine touches, like a cross-back design, and detailed adjustable straps which made it look very stylish and sexy.


Totally in love with this sports bra!


Adjustable broad straps which rest comfortably against the shoulders.


It is available in cup sizes B to D.


The wing band of the bra is made up of a breathable moisture-wicking material which helps in the quicker evaporation of sweat. At ensures your sports bra won’t be soaking wet after a workout.


The back of the bra is made up of bacteria-reducing fabric, which has moisture management properties which allow you to stay dry during your workout.


It actually feels like you’re wearing a supportive bra except that it causes less irritation because of the breathable material. This bra also has hooks-and-eyes on the backstrap which most sports bras do not have. It is a super soft 3-way adjustable nickel-free J-hook for optimal fitting. And helps especially during the time of the month, when your chest tends to swell up, allowing you to loosen it up according to your level of comfort.


Truly, no one knows does better than Triumph when it comes to women and bras.

The AW17 line is available at Triumph and at leading retailers.

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