The Sleigh Bells Are Ringing at Cake Avenue!



This Christmas, Cake Avenue is ready to surprise you, your friends and loved ones with their galore of sweet and savoury treats. Cake Avenue first started out as a cake shop, and now they have their cafe which offers hot food in addition to their baked goods. Cake Avenue Bistro is one unique dessert parlour-cum-cafe which is well-known for creating desserts that looked like actual savoury foods like burgers, fries and nachos. This month, they are launching their Christmas special menu as well as their Diner Dessert Menu.


We were ready to overdose ourselves with sugar as we sat at their cosy bistro to enjoy the Christmas feast and Diner Dessert menu they had prepared for us. This season Cake Avenue is offering affordable festive packages suitable for any gathering.

Any recommendations? For the hot food, I would recommend their chicken lasagna, lamb shank and assorted Canapés. For the desserts, I enjoy all three of their Christmas entremets –  Christmas Apple Bauble, Mini Chocolate Yule Log and Chocolate Caramel Reindeer. They have made mini versions of their signature Chocolate Yule Log cake so that you could enjoy the mini log cake on your own. 


Check out their delectable spread of sweet and savoury festive treats!


Mini Fruit Tarts (12pcs)- $18.00


Mini Chocolate Tarts (12pcs)- $18.00


Jelly Cups (9pcs)- $45.00


Macarons (12pcs)- $24.00


Reindeer Cake (1kg) – $112.50

Available in Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Cherry Red Velvet


Mini Chocolate Yule Log ($5.90 each)


Chocolate Caramel Reindeer ($5.90 each)


Christmas Apple Bauble ($5.90 each)



16pc Assorted Canapés (Smoked Salmon, Tuna and Egg Mayo)


Roasted Vegetables


Braised Lamb Shank


Chicken Lasagna

Diner Dessert Menu

It is an all-dessert menu featuring six playful twists to classic diner foods of the 60s and 70s. The new menu is in line with the cake shop’s 17th Anniversary this year. The head pastry Chef E.T. Yew is behind this creative dessert menu. I would personally recommend their cake fries, Nachos Dulces and The Great Con dog.


Diner Sliders and Fries (S$15.90)

You’ve got chocolate ice-cream burger patties sandwiched between vanilla butter cake buns and topped with raspberry ketchup and passionfruit mustard. You’ve got warm cake fries at the side.


Cake fries with the two sauces (S$8.90)

The cake fries go well with the fruit sauces. These cake fries probably contain lower calories as compared to actual fries! A healthier version of fries? Maybe.


The Great Con Dog (S$8.90)

If you prefer something not too sweet, the Great Con Dog is something you could try. The supposedly called ‘Corndog’ is filled with warm sweetcorn custard.


Nachos Dulces (S$12.90)

I found myself digging into these nachos more than the other desserts. The crispy flatbread nachos complemented the chocolate mousse ‘refried beans’, strawberry compote ‘salsa’,  julienned peach ‘cheese’ and pistachio ice-cream ‘guacamole’.


Lava Pops (S$8.90)

These meatball-sized warm velvet cakes filled with warm molten vanilla cream cheese would satisfy any sweet tooth.



Alphabet Soup ($9.90)
It’s not the actual savoury soup you are seeing but lychee mousse with chunks of lychee, raspberry fruit topped with sweet milk agar alphabets and rose jelly consommé.


Unicorn Drinks

Blush Unicorn, Matcha Unicorn and Sunshine Unicorn 

(from left to right)

Unicorn smoothies, anyone?

I would give a thumbs up for their innovative and creative take on their desserts! They all come in sharing portions, so it is good to summon a couple of friends up for tea.

Christmas 2017 Menu bookings start from 25 November till 25 December 2017 and require a minimum of 3 days notice. Visit, or call 6877 9008 to make your reservations.

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