EUREKA: The Best Popcorn You’ll Ever Have


If you think that popcorn only comes in sweet and salted flavour, then you are wrong! Ever since I’ve tried Eureka popcorn from Johor Bahru (JB), I couldn’t stop thinking about their amazing flavoured popcorn that comes in savoury flavours like Cheese, Curry and Sour Cream.

Once you pop it into your mouth, you can never stop. That’s how addictive these popcorn are. To me, it just tastes really good. I never knew much about Eureka popcorn until I’ve visited their Pop-up store over at Westgate (Jurong East) which I got to learn more about the type of corn they used and the health value behind their crunchy popcorn. Yes, Eureka popcorn is now available in Singapore! Why travel all the way across to Malaysian borders to get popcorn when you can purchase it right here on home grounds?


It is located at level 2 of Westgate between Benefit and Laneige.


What makes Eureka popcorn really POP?

Little did I know that Eureka popcorn (which first originated from Malaysia) is made using special non-GMO popcorn kernels called Mushroom Popcorn.  This popcorn variety ‘pops’ into a round-shaped ball rather than the usual ‘butterfly’-shape which regular popcorns tend to look like after being heated up. This coveted mushroom shape is ideal for making gourmet popcorns where the sugar or butter could be coated more easily and evenly around it. Mushroom popcorn is also tastier and crunchier. Unlike regular movie popcorns, these perfectly-shaped popcorns don’t have the remnant of the kernel or husk in it. You do know how irritating and inconvenient it is to spit out the husk, right?

These popcorns are halal certified too!


For my health and eco-conscious friends, you’d be glad to know that these popcorns are non-GMO and don’t contain any preservatives or transfat. These freshly-made popcorns which packed in vacuum-packs or paper canisters which can last for 2 months to 12 months (depending on the type of packaging). The popcorn packs sold here in Singapore has slightly different packaging from the ones sold in Malaysia. But taste-wise, it’s the same! Once opened, it is best to consume it within the next few days because the popcorn loses its crispness over time.

The reason why these popcorns have a longer shelf-life is due to the presence of silica gel packs as well as the non-toxic refreshment chips found inside the packet. Interestingly, the refreshment chips were made entirely out of natural ingredients! That explains why their popcorn still has that nice crunch and crispness to it.


I visited their booth at Westgate Mall a couple of weeks back. That’s when I got to sample the various different flavours of popcorn – from sweet to savoury – they nailed each flavour right with the right amount of seasonings in it. It’s neither too sweet or too salty.

And currently, there are running a promotion where you could get one free canned popcorn when you purchase 3 items from their store!


There are currently 12 flavours of popcorn available at this Eureka outlet in Singapore. There are, of course, more flavours of popcorn offered at Eureka outlets in Malaysia. But it would only be a matter of time where the exotic flavours like Durian popcorn would be making a debut here in Singapore! I just can’t wait to try it!

Besides popcorn, Eureka also sells Taro chips, organic Brown rice crackers and chocolates which are pretty tasty too!

What are some of my favourite flavours and what would I recommend? Read on.


Eureka popcorn sold in Singapore comes in 2 different packaging – packet foil and paper canisters. The popcorn packets stores more popcorns than the paper canisters.


My current favourites are their Sour Cream and Onion popcorn, Cheese popcorn and Dark Choco popcorn. I prefer the savoury popcorns over the sweet ones because savoury popcorns are quite unique and rare. In fact, they tasted like regular popcorn chips to me. They are probably lower in calories than potato chips too!


Have you noticed how each of the mushroom popcorn is evenly coated?


The healthier option here is their seaweed and original sea salt popcorn which are made entirely out of natural ingredients. The original popcorn has a slight sweetness to it. To me, it doesn’t really have a sea salt taste at all.


Seaweed popcorn


Cheese popcorn


Tomato popcorn


BBQ popcorn


As for their range of sweet popcorn, I would recommend their dark choc popcorn. It tasted like popcorn dipped in melted dark chocolate. I love the bittersweet taste in the popcorn and it’s simply pretty amazing. And if you have a sweet tooth, you might fall in love with their butter caramel popcorn which has a hint of buttery taste to it.


Original (Sea salt) popcorn


 Caramel popcorn


Dark Choc popcorn


Butter Caramel Popcorn


I’ve also tried Eureka’s Popcorn Chocolate ball, Pop Rock chocolate, Taro chips and Grainey Rice Cracker – original brown rice crackers. I am not really a fan of their chocolates because it doesn’t have that true cocoa taste which fine chocolates would have though their Pop Rock chocolate is an interesting one. The Pop Rock chocolate contains carbonated sugar which frizzles on your tongue.


Pop Rock Chocolate


Popcorn Chocolate


The brown rice snack, on their hand, is pretty good. Unlike the usual brown rice cracker, this is thinly-sliced which makes it so crunchy. The baked crackers are made out of organic Jasmine rice. They are low in calories and cholesterol which makes them a healthier choice of snack.


Grainey Rice Cracker

(Sour Cream and Onion)


Taro Chips

(Irish Cheddar)

My other favourite snack by Eureka (other than their popcorn) is their Taro Chips (Irish Cheddar) which are paper thin. I hope they would come up with more variety of vegetable chips in the near future!


But when it comes to Eureka popcorn, nothing can really beat the way they make their popcorn!


Let’s get poppin’!

Eureka Snack Bar (Singapore)

3 Gateway Drive



Singapore 608532

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