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There isn’t a lack of beauty salons and spas in Singapore. You can even find beauty salons in the neighbourhoods under HDB flats. Competition in this beauty service industry is stiff, and I often wonder if there is a top beauty salon here in Singapore voted by both locals and foreigners. I was curious, so I went to do a quick research on the top beauty salons in Singapore, and My Cozy Room Boutique Spa came up in my Google search results.

I have heard about this beauty salon before as it appears on various media platforms in the past, but I have never personally tried out their service until the other day where I got the opportunity to try out their facial treatments.

How does this award-winning boutique spa differ from other salons? The ambience of the spa is somewhat similar and comparable to the other beauty salons in Singapore. Like the other spas, they went for this royalty theme. Before the facial, they would serve some hot tea while I fill up the consultation form.

During the consultation, Celine and I discussed my current skin conditions and other skin concerns. She also shared some information about the products and treatment which I will be doing. I tried their premium pore extraction facial treatment.


BABOR skincare which is a top professional skincare brand in Germany. BABOR has been the pioneer in professional skincare with almost 60 years expertise to unlock the secrets of the most exceptional natural anti-ageing ingredients. They were also the first to invent ampoules. Their high-quality products are made up of natural plant-based stem cells.

It is worth mentioning that BABOR practises sustainable beauty and is very much in recycling and relying on green energy to power their manufacturing processes.


My skin has enlarged pores which tends to clog up very quickly. At the same time, I was still suffering from minor acne breakouts which causes my skin to feel rough and bumpy. The premium pore extraction facial treatment would be suitable for my current skin condition as my skin requires a treatment which targets at clearing up skin blemishes and congestions. Doctor BABOR range of products was used to help regulate the skin’s natural bacterial flora, removes unwanted shine, and prevents excessive sebum production.


My facial therapist for that day was Hazel. She is a very therapist who understood my skin condition well and recommended that I used a skin ampoule to help hydrate and soothe my dry skin.


She first performed the deep cleansing step using the plant-based HY-OL® cleanser (BABOR invention of World’s first hydrophilic cleansing oil) and BABOR Phyto-active combination treatment essence. Then she did a deep biological exfoliation using lactic & enzyme mask, made from papaya to remove dead skin cells into the second layer of the epidermis.


To prepare the skin for a more effective extraction, she also uses deep pore lotion to soften the black and whiteheads. They also steam my face to open up the pores for easier extraction of dirt and particles from the pores.


I don’t think I’ve had such clogged skin before! I tried all sorts of products to get rid of the white and blackheads, but it resulted in more bumps being the form on my skin surface. In this case, a thorough extraction would help. Thanks to Hazel’s excellent extraction skills, the whole extraction process wasn’t painful at all. She was very gentle, and when she pricks my skin with the needle, she does so with extra care and caution so as not to cause any pain or discomfort. As a result, minimal redness in the skin was created.


The extractions done at other salons can be somewhat very painful at times. In addition to that, the therapist would also comment how bad your skin looked. But over here at My Cozy Room, the therapists focus on getting all the gunk out of your pores instead of making any unnecessary negative comments.


Next, Hazel applied tonic to disinfect, soothe and reduce redness of the areas of extraction. Dr BABOR Rebalancing Liquid was used to optimally prepares the skin after extraction to absorb the subsequent skincare products. To treat stubborn acne, they did a high-frequency treatment using a small handheld device. The machine causes a slight tingling sensation on your skin, but it is bearable.


Since my skin was dehydrated, they added a hydrating ampoule for me. It is only an additional of $28  for the ampoule treatment which will repair and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier to prevent water loss.


Lymphatic drainage facial massage


Revitalizing Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Massage


Before applying the two types of masks on my skin, Dr BABOR Ultimate Blemish Serum was used on the blemished areas.


A Purifying Mask and a Special Charcoal Alginate Mask Kit were applied all over my face. It covers the eyes, nose, lips for complete facial rejuvenation. The cooling sensation from the mask also helps to soothe the skin.


During masking, Hazel did a rejuvenating anti-stress head and  shoulder Massage and a pampering hand massage. I don’t think other salons have gone to the extent of providing a thorough head, shoulder and hand massage!


My skin seems alright after the whole facial, and importantly, all the blemishes start to clear up within two to three days. The biggest difference I noticed is my improved skin texture. My skin is more moist and supple thanks to the ampoule.

My Cozy Room differentiates itself from other salons with their excellent and painless extraction skills coupled with their use of high-quality BABOR products. Their facial treatments are also quite pampering and luxurious considering that they use great quality products from Germany. Overall, the experience was a pleasant one.

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa 

56A Cairnhill Road

Singapore 229667

Tel: 6732-0030

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