The Trufflebello Burg


We may just be a really tiny dot on the map but I’m proud to say that we’ve got one of the best vegan burgers here in town. Making a plant-based burger that tastes as delicious and flavourful as the meat-based burger is no easy feat. If you could convince a meat-love to eat a plant-based burger, you’re already a winner. I have decided to put my boyfriend (who is a part-time carnivore) to the test. He isn’t very enthusiastic about trying burgers which are 100% plant-based but at least, he is willing to try it. How will he rate the veggie burgers at VeganBurg?


VeganBurg is not just a vegan fast food joint that offers plant-based burgers with fries and broccoli. They are also part of the sustainable community in making the world a better and healthier place to live in by reducing carbon emissions. That probably explains why there are bike stands at the storefront. Why drive when you can cycle or walk? Even the tables were made from recycled wood.

VeganBurg has also switched to certified sustainable oil so as to avoid contributing to deforestation and unethical recruitment practices in the oil industry.


I was there just recently to try out their Halloween special burger – Thriller burger. It was pity that these burgers were only made available for a limited period of time. But the good news is that they have just came up with another new seasonable special burger just in time for the upcoming holiday season!


On a side note, do you know that VeganBurg is Taylor Swift’s catering partner? I’ve told you so. We’ve got one of the best vegan burgers here in Singapore.


There is currently one VeganBurg outlet here in Singapore and it is located near Eunos MRT (thank goodness!) so it is rather convenient to head over if you’re craving for some plant-based food.


It does get pretty crowded during meal times but if you really need a seat, you could dine alfresco over there as there are plenty of seats outside as well.


The other day we tried their new Trufflebello burg together with Smoky BBQ burger with added vegan bacon.


Trufflebello Burg

($15.80 for a set, and $10.90 for burger only)

The Trufflebello burg comes as a meal with Spiced Berry Punch and Sweet Potato Fries with Maple Dip. This artisan burger consists of spicy truffle aioli, shredded purple cabbage, sundried tomatoes, crispy Portobello mushroom patty, farm-fresh kale and egg-free mayo – all sandwiched between the toasted fiber-fuelled bun.


From the bottom of my heart, this is the best vegan burger I’ve tried. What makes it works is their fresh crunchy kale that goes really well with the Portobello Mushroom party. Others may use lettuce to add fibre in their burgers but over here at VeganBurg, they take it up to the next notch by introducing fresh kale which are crunchy and crisp. More importantly, the portobello patty was very moist and succulent. The word ‘succulent’ is often used to describe the texture of the meat and I found it apt to use it in this instance because the texture of the patty was juicy and ‘tender’.


I am also glad that they have finally introduced new drinks to the menu. The homemade spiced berry punch was refreshing. It comes with a cinnamon stick dunked in it! Their sweet potato fries were pleasant but I prefer their signature seaweed fries.


Smoky BBQ burger 

with added ‘Bacon’

( $13.80 for a set, and $9.90 for burger only)

We had the Smoky BBQ burger with added Bacon that costs an additional $2. It comes as a meal with Seaweed Fries and Orange Chiller. The Smoky BBQ is made of a thick patty of minced mushrooms, freshly grilled and slathered in smoky BBQ sauce, coupled with layers of fresh lettuce, tomato and red onion rings. It wasn’t as outstanding as their Trufflebello Burg partly because it tasted like a regular veggie burger. I wish the patty wasn’t as dry but moist. Adding more sauce might help.


Nonetheless, the seaweed fries that came along with it was one of our favourite sides!


They also served desserts and we tried their dairy-free ice cream which comes in 3 flavours – chocolate, coconut and D24 durian.


Coconut ice-cream

Each scoop of ice cream comes with rainbow star-shaped sprinkles! Coconut ice cream was average but I thought the D24 durian ice-cream was quite good. It’s rich in flavour but not too overpowering. I might be a little bias over here as I’m a durian lover.


So what’s my boyfriend verdict? It’s a ‘Yay’ especially for the Trufflebello Burg which is a must-try. You don’t have to be a vegan to eat vegan food. Even going meat-free for a day can help reduce carbon emissions. You’ll feel great after eating a 100% plant-based meal too.


When is your ethical eating day?


44 Jalan Eunos

Singapore 419502

Opening hours:

Everyday: 11:30AM – 10PM

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